Wednesday, May 20, 2009

20 May 2009

I'M STAYING IN HIGHLANDS RANCH, but Elder Mayes is leaving me on Thursday. Today is going to be a fun day though. Our investigator Clora and her friend Greg are taking us out for a day of fun. We are going to go Bowling, Miniture Golfing and eat luch at Olive Garden for Elder Mayes leaving. I'm so glad I'm staying! Packing would be too stressful.
So on Saturday I took my bike in for a tune up, but they had too many bikes, so they just trued the rear wheel, but they snapped a spoke out so I rode on it not knowing until yesterday morning, when the wheel was so untrued that it wouldn't spin. I called Sports Authority and they apologized and said they'd fix or replace it and do a full tune up. So I'm riding my companions old Diamondback, because he got sick of it and Daddy and Mommy sent him money to buy a new Trek. That kind of annoyed me, but oh well. Other than that its been a good week. We have a few solid investigators that we are preparing for baptism. It should be an exciting transfer. I hope I get a decent companion.
So other than all that, how is everything going? I'm kind of jealous of the concert! And you're forgiven for not writing much last week, all the computers at the library were down, and we had to use an express center there so I basically had 10 minutes on the computer and then we got a phonecall because someone needed help. I love you guys... I hope all is well back home. And tell Eliza she's welcome to use my yoga mat and blocks and strap if shes getting into that. It should be fun for her. Well I've gotta go. I love you guys. Take care.


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