Wednesday, November 24, 2010

22 Nov 2010

I have to write quick. This week our P-day is Thursday for the Holiday, but we still email on Monday. I am down in Golden because we had a district meeting and got our brakes cleaned out. It was making a horrible screeching noise last night and I knew it was either a wear indicator or a rock in there. It was a rock lodged behind the rear-right rotor. They cleaned out the brakes and it drives amazing.

Well life is good. It's funny you talk about obedience in Gospel Principles. We had that lesson a week ago and it was the study topic a part-member family we are working with had selected for their weekly family scripture study. Every gospel principles lesson seems to be inspired for the Malcolms. My mission President challenged me to have two more baptisms by the end of my mission and I think that Teresa is for sure going to be one of them.

Other than that we have gotten a bit of snow, but been safe and I've been enjoying my time up here in Evergreen. I really hope all is well down there. I can't help but think about home, but just know that I am still working hard. I am enjoying my mission more so now than at any other point in time out here. It is amazing to experience the love of our savior and the love that people around us have for us, and the love and concern we grow to have for them.

Well I guess I should probably hit the road running, but I will try to send you more info some other time. Take care, I love you and we'll see ya very very soon. :)

Love ya,

18 November 2010

Hey you guys,

Sorry I didn't email yesterday. News flash our P-days are now on Monday. I was at the lake yesterday with some non-members and a part-member-family most the day. It was pretty awesome. We had a fun time and a productive evening.

By the way I am staying up in Evergreen. It is such an amazing place to be. I love the people out here and it is a great place to be and I am excited for the end of my mission. The President told me he's leaving me here on the stipulation that I get 2 more baptisms. I can easily see that happening. I think Teresa ( the cousin of a girl we just baptized and she has a member husband) has our highest potential right now.

I don't know what else to talk about right now, and I probably have to go. I'm just over visiting someone right now and probably shouldn't be on here too long. Just wanted to make sure you guys know I'm alive and things are good. The snow is amazing too. I love this area, I seriously want to move up here. Well I will talk to you guys soon and hopefully you have an amazing week.

Love ya,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 Nov 2010


Everything is worked out for school. I get $1,835 per quarter and I can register for classes next week. It is good that everything is working out. The only thing that stinks is I can see the people in UT for a while. Oh well though.

Life is good up here. we got some good snow the other day. I concluded it ain't scary to drive in the snow in and of itself. Its just scary because no one else knows how to drive. haha there was a guy who stopped in front of this semi who was dead in front of us. The semi had to keep slamming the brakes and then gassing it to pull the trailer straight through the bends of 285. its a miracle they didn't wreck. Then we saw a semi kingpinned in the center of the highway. He lost his job for sure. Its so sad to think. As I looked in my mirrors I saw many people spinning out. Its amazing what good tires a good car and a little common sense can do.

So I'm probably going to be sweating in the CA winter weather. It will be an interesting thing to see. I'm kind of scared about going back to school. It is something that doesn't seem as exciting as it did at the beginning of my mission. We will have to just deal with it though. I am just taking general eds until I can switch my major, so the classes shouldn't be too bad (knock on wood). I think I'm just going to schedule Tuesday Thursday classes, and leave the other days open for work. We'll see how it all works out.

We are starting to work with a bunch of Less Actives now. We got so many people to agree to agree to have us over. We are also having people that we previously talked to call back and want to meet us. So other than that its the same old same old. I love you guys and we'll see ya soon and talk to ya sooner.

Love ya,

3 Nov 2010

Hey y'all,

I love President Maynes. He is an amazing man! Its kind of a bummer that he didnt know the rules for sending home missionaries home when I talked to him, but it will be sorted out. The church is true the book is blue and I'll see you in about two (months).

Life is good. We are teaching quite a few people. We finally moved to a more central location and it is exciting that things are starting to happen again. Today we are going out to a private lake in Sedelia, CO that is watched over by a member with part member family to do some hiking and fishing. It should be fun.

This family is pretty awesome too. The husband is a member and his wife is a non-member. She attends church every week agrees with most things but has a hard time with the principles of families being together for ever, because she feels that the three kingdoms make it an impossible goal. Which is a valid concern for a mother of 4. I think she's on the way to understanding it though.

Our new address is
33763 Kerr Rd
Pine, CO

We live with a lady that is in her late 50s and shes an RN and its a lot nicer of a place to live. More central to the ward is the biggest upside to it. So we are starting to pick up on a few old investigators that were harder to visit. We are also trying to visit a lot of less actives.

Well, I love you guys. Our halloween party was good... I carved two pumpkins for it and it was all around a good time. We had about 6 non-members there too. Well I cant think of much else to tell ya, but I do love you guys and I hope that things are great back there.

Love ya

27 October 2010

Life is pretty good. My comp injured his shoulder yesterday tho. We lifted a camper back onto a truck for a member who had it blow off on I-70. So hopefully all goes well with that.

We visited the summer white house this week. It was a gift to the President of the United States from the people of Colorado which the president rejected so it was never completed. haha

Well this week has been great. It has felt good to be able to work hard again. i think I am fully recovered. I did a day of hauling trees and pouring concrete and didn't have a headache, so I think life is good.

We are getting back in a rhythm as far as work goes, and hopefully my companions shoulder doesn't stop that again. I also need to get in touch with my mission president again and I guess the communication just stopped at him as far as getting me home for school. It never made it to the travel secretary. But i guess that's life. You cant except one person to remember everything.

He does have a lot on his plate right now. We just had a member of the first quorum of the seventy come and train our mission. He told them some interesting things. The church says no more reporting hours tracted, and no more Zone Leaders checking up on missionaries. They are putting more trust in the missionaries and in turn expecting more results.

Well I think that's about all I have to say. I love you guys and I cant wait to see ya soon.