Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 Nov 2010

Hey y'all,

I love President Maynes. He is an amazing man! Its kind of a bummer that he didnt know the rules for sending home missionaries home when I talked to him, but it will be sorted out. The church is true the book is blue and I'll see you in about two (months).

Life is good. We are teaching quite a few people. We finally moved to a more central location and it is exciting that things are starting to happen again. Today we are going out to a private lake in Sedelia, CO that is watched over by a member with part member family to do some hiking and fishing. It should be fun.

This family is pretty awesome too. The husband is a member and his wife is a non-member. She attends church every week agrees with most things but has a hard time with the principles of families being together for ever, because she feels that the three kingdoms make it an impossible goal. Which is a valid concern for a mother of 4. I think she's on the way to understanding it though.

Our new address is
33763 Kerr Rd
Pine, CO

We live with a lady that is in her late 50s and shes an RN and its a lot nicer of a place to live. More central to the ward is the biggest upside to it. So we are starting to pick up on a few old investigators that were harder to visit. We are also trying to visit a lot of less actives.

Well, I love you guys. Our halloween party was good... I carved two pumpkins for it and it was all around a good time. We had about 6 non-members there too. Well I cant think of much else to tell ya, but I do love you guys and I hope that things are great back there.

Love ya

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