Wednesday, December 23, 2009

23 December 2009

That's pronounced B-ew-na I found out. People don't like when you say it Buena. Oh well.
I love it though. It's a small little mountain town. We have an AWD 2010 Pontiac Vibe which drives great in the snow. Its been a fun few days. Our branch covers a huge area and has about 80 members with a sacrament attendance of about 50. We live with the branch president, and things are a blast.
Our mailing address is:
Elder Thomas Stevenson
c/o Robinson Family
PO Box 5031
Buena Vista, CO 81211
And that needs to be the only address listed right now, because we are in a transitional state, and the mission office will have moved come New Year's. As of December 29th the new mission office is:
999 E. Tufts Ave.
Cherry Hills Village, CO
my companion is named Elder Mikkola. It is his second transfer, and his trainer is back home in New York now. He is excited about work which is good for me too, because my companions since my trainer seem to have gotten pretty lazy over the course of time.
This specific area is an interesting one. we have missionaries here three months on and three months off, because there usually ain't enough work. Presidents told me in all three of my areas there has been disobedient missionaries that have lost some trust, so I guess he must trust me to put me in some of the areas he has. Its a good place to be.
People are so nice out here too. They don't have much, but they'll bend over backwards for you it seems. Even the rude ones are way more polite than those in the city. I got my Christmas Package on the day of transfers. I was driven up to meet my companion in Frisco, CO and then I still had to drive us 70 miles from there to our house. We stopped at the wall mart in Frisco and I got more thermals for out here, and then we went home. When we got home I opened the package and found the wal mart gift card, and guess what, the closest wal mart to us is outside the mission. lol
The missionary that just went home also had a way nice mountain bike that he didn't ride much on his mission, so its still in pretty good shape, so I think I might fiddle with it a bit and decide whether or not I want it.
Its a Jamis bike with manitou forks, disc brakes, and great components.
Other than that we are trying to find people to teach, and are pretty excited for Christmas. That will be a full P-day, and today we have until 2.
I hope you all start to feel better, and have fun. I actually have read probably 70% of this months ensign, and loved that article. Of course I miss you guys, but I put it in perspective. I'm surrounded by great people who some of them may need me. And I'm in luxury right now. At least I'm not in the middle east with the military for Christmas. i have nothing to complain about.
Well... Life is amazing! It's so fun to be in new places and do new things. I miss being a district leader and being able to talk to all the Elders and help them out and stuff.
As for calling you, the members we live with will be gone, but they told us to use their phones, so I can call anytime, and I may have to try a couple of times, but it'll all work out.
I had a birthday party at our recent converts in Lakewood last wednesday. It was so nice of them. They are, I think, the most prepared people to receive the gospel I'll meet on my mission. They have just fit right in and it seems like they've been members their whole lives.
Well, Have a fun Christmas! Thanks for all the love and concern! You're amazing. thanks for the packages too.

Love ya,
Elder Stevenson

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

16 December 2009

Well... I get a new stomping ground tomorrow. it was way depressing to pack. By the way, the pants I ripped were not suit pants, they were just slacks. I'm not too worried, because you guys+grandparents gave me money so that I can take care of those things right about now.
I finally got to use my space bags! They helped a ton with packing!
So the baptism happened on Sunday, and I'm so bummed I'm getting transferred, because of people we've worked with, but I will not miss the leadership. lol Funny story though, we woke up at 2 am to start filling the font for the 8am baptism, because the water heater is a bit slower, so we just trickled it in.
I had a wonderful lunch with Brett and Melissa as sort of a going away/birthday party. They even got me a cake. haha We have two dinners lined up too, because a recent convert wanted to feed us, and we asked they lady to cross it out, but she didn't so another family we have worked with signed up so we have a 5 and a 7 oclock, but I ain't eating much!
I am going to miss where I live. I'm all packed up and so it dont feel like home anymore though! oh well
So Disneyland must've been fun! I wish it were only fake snow here too! lol Colorado is out of their drought just from this year! Its amazing.
I'm excited to call in less than two weeks, but bummed that for my birthday and for Christmas I won't know anyone wherever I'm at.
I got a referral for a friend of a guy named Craig Rees last week. i thought that was funny, but his friend was a jerk... lol
So as far as the package goes, I havent gotten it , because forwards are on hold due to transfers. i finally sent you guys my impressions, so hopefully you get those soon. I was also released as a District Leader, which I was sad about, because I had so much fun getting to know everyone, but oh well.
Monday was also amazing back to back appointments with nonmembers, less actives, and members from 2pm-9pm. It was so much fun.
Well I don't have too much else to talk about. I love you guys, I hope all is well at home. Take care.

Elder Stevenson

9 December 2009

Hey guys,
Thanks for your love and support, and thanks for that money too. First quick story, I've had a couple of clothing emergencies this week. One of my pairs of slacks from Mr. Mac got destroyed. I was tightening my boot as we walked in the snow. I put one knee down and was going to tighten my boot, but when I planted my boot there was ice under the snow (it hasnt gotten over 15 degrees the past few days, and we got down to -5 last night) and my leg slid to the side and my pants were ripped, but the seam was stronger than the pants I guess, because none of the rip was on the seam. Oh well though! So I went to K&G and got some 20 dollar poly/wool italian pants with lining to the knees. They are warm and the look way nice too.
We also went to the Parade of lights in downtown Denver on Friday. It was so much fun, I'll have to send you some prints, there is a grocery store that just had a grand reopening, so 4x6 prints are 5 cents a print, so I just printed off like 60 prints to send to people. $3 instead of $15 sounds good to me.
Other than that, I've tracted this whole place and am trying to set up tons of appointments with members, because it is freezing outside. I love the members we live with, I'll miss them and their ward.
I am however excited for Christmas. I got the family letter yesterday, and I thank you for the package and the letter. I am also excited, tomorrow we have a mission christmas devotional in Aurora which will be somewhat like a zone conference.
Another quick story, a nice gesture. We came home last night and went into our room. there was a small Christmas tree, and snowflakes, and garland and other decorations, as well as dipped pretzel rods wrapped up on our beds. We asked our members where they came from, and the Young Women came over and decorated it while we were out for the day. I thought it was very nice of them to do so. I was a plesant suprise, and after all the drama the last few days, where we felt like we had no one to back us up I got the family letter and that nice present. It helped me out a lot. Also another companionship met and made me a german choclate cake at lunch time yesterday. They did it for my birthday, since I'll probably be moved by then. Those "tender mercies" yesterday really helped me see that friends and family are what matter most, and you can always fall back on them. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and all we can do is praise him and give thanks! Sidenote: Webster defines "mystery" as: a religious truth revealed by revelation alone. I love that. I use it in teaching!

I love you guys! Take care! And once again thanks for all you do!

Elder TOm Stevenson

Friday, December 4, 2009

2 December 2009

We were supposed to go to the temple today, but our cars were parked because of the snow.
This week has been fun. We had an amazing baptism on Sunday. Brett and Melissa Kohl were both baptized. I baptized her and Hunting baptized him. They had so many people show up. The chapel was more full than in Sacrament meeting. It was awesome. The water heater died though, so it was freezing. Oh my goodness! They're amazing though.
The package you send can be sent to lakewood. Transfers are on the 17th, so you just gotta beat that. I probably will leave too. :( I love being a district leader and getting to know everyone its so fun!
Thanksgiving was wonderful. I ran three miles then played football for two hours, because that was our real P-day last week. We had fun at our members home and they had us for dinner, and we made a couple visits, but I only had one plate of food on Thanksgiving.
We have another baptism on the 13th and are very excited. We found out baptizing the Kohls was the first whole family baptized in that ward since 1987. Working hard! Loving life! I went to the Thrift store and found a couple of nice looking ties the other day. Other than that I don't know what to tell ya. We are enjoying 15 degree weather right now, and today we're going to help a less active family set up christmas decorations for part of our P-day.
i love you guys, thanks again for the package. You guys are amazing. Also, I have a copy of Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration, the one they show at the visitors centers, and I think I'm going to get another one to send home to keep nice, and you guys can watch it too. hehe.
Take Care,
Elder Stevenson

PS: I phone home in 23 days!