Wednesday, December 23, 2009

23 December 2009

That's pronounced B-ew-na I found out. People don't like when you say it Buena. Oh well.
I love it though. It's a small little mountain town. We have an AWD 2010 Pontiac Vibe which drives great in the snow. Its been a fun few days. Our branch covers a huge area and has about 80 members with a sacrament attendance of about 50. We live with the branch president, and things are a blast.
Our mailing address is:
Elder Thomas Stevenson
c/o Robinson Family
PO Box 5031
Buena Vista, CO 81211
And that needs to be the only address listed right now, because we are in a transitional state, and the mission office will have moved come New Year's. As of December 29th the new mission office is:
999 E. Tufts Ave.
Cherry Hills Village, CO
my companion is named Elder Mikkola. It is his second transfer, and his trainer is back home in New York now. He is excited about work which is good for me too, because my companions since my trainer seem to have gotten pretty lazy over the course of time.
This specific area is an interesting one. we have missionaries here three months on and three months off, because there usually ain't enough work. Presidents told me in all three of my areas there has been disobedient missionaries that have lost some trust, so I guess he must trust me to put me in some of the areas he has. Its a good place to be.
People are so nice out here too. They don't have much, but they'll bend over backwards for you it seems. Even the rude ones are way more polite than those in the city. I got my Christmas Package on the day of transfers. I was driven up to meet my companion in Frisco, CO and then I still had to drive us 70 miles from there to our house. We stopped at the wall mart in Frisco and I got more thermals for out here, and then we went home. When we got home I opened the package and found the wal mart gift card, and guess what, the closest wal mart to us is outside the mission. lol
The missionary that just went home also had a way nice mountain bike that he didn't ride much on his mission, so its still in pretty good shape, so I think I might fiddle with it a bit and decide whether or not I want it.
Its a Jamis bike with manitou forks, disc brakes, and great components.
Other than that we are trying to find people to teach, and are pretty excited for Christmas. That will be a full P-day, and today we have until 2.
I hope you all start to feel better, and have fun. I actually have read probably 70% of this months ensign, and loved that article. Of course I miss you guys, but I put it in perspective. I'm surrounded by great people who some of them may need me. And I'm in luxury right now. At least I'm not in the middle east with the military for Christmas. i have nothing to complain about.
Well... Life is amazing! It's so fun to be in new places and do new things. I miss being a district leader and being able to talk to all the Elders and help them out and stuff.
As for calling you, the members we live with will be gone, but they told us to use their phones, so I can call anytime, and I may have to try a couple of times, but it'll all work out.
I had a birthday party at our recent converts in Lakewood last wednesday. It was so nice of them. They are, I think, the most prepared people to receive the gospel I'll meet on my mission. They have just fit right in and it seems like they've been members their whole lives.
Well, Have a fun Christmas! Thanks for all the love and concern! You're amazing. thanks for the packages too.

Love ya,
Elder Stevenson

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