Friday, December 4, 2009

2 December 2009

We were supposed to go to the temple today, but our cars were parked because of the snow.
This week has been fun. We had an amazing baptism on Sunday. Brett and Melissa Kohl were both baptized. I baptized her and Hunting baptized him. They had so many people show up. The chapel was more full than in Sacrament meeting. It was awesome. The water heater died though, so it was freezing. Oh my goodness! They're amazing though.
The package you send can be sent to lakewood. Transfers are on the 17th, so you just gotta beat that. I probably will leave too. :( I love being a district leader and getting to know everyone its so fun!
Thanksgiving was wonderful. I ran three miles then played football for two hours, because that was our real P-day last week. We had fun at our members home and they had us for dinner, and we made a couple visits, but I only had one plate of food on Thanksgiving.
We have another baptism on the 13th and are very excited. We found out baptizing the Kohls was the first whole family baptized in that ward since 1987. Working hard! Loving life! I went to the Thrift store and found a couple of nice looking ties the other day. Other than that I don't know what to tell ya. We are enjoying 15 degree weather right now, and today we're going to help a less active family set up christmas decorations for part of our P-day.
i love you guys, thanks again for the package. You guys are amazing. Also, I have a copy of Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration, the one they show at the visitors centers, and I think I'm going to get another one to send home to keep nice, and you guys can watch it too. hehe.
Take Care,
Elder Stevenson

PS: I phone home in 23 days!

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