Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 December 2009

Hey guys,
Thanks for your love and support, and thanks for that money too. First quick story, I've had a couple of clothing emergencies this week. One of my pairs of slacks from Mr. Mac got destroyed. I was tightening my boot as we walked in the snow. I put one knee down and was going to tighten my boot, but when I planted my boot there was ice under the snow (it hasnt gotten over 15 degrees the past few days, and we got down to -5 last night) and my leg slid to the side and my pants were ripped, but the seam was stronger than the pants I guess, because none of the rip was on the seam. Oh well though! So I went to K&G and got some 20 dollar poly/wool italian pants with lining to the knees. They are warm and the look way nice too.
We also went to the Parade of lights in downtown Denver on Friday. It was so much fun, I'll have to send you some prints, there is a grocery store that just had a grand reopening, so 4x6 prints are 5 cents a print, so I just printed off like 60 prints to send to people. $3 instead of $15 sounds good to me.
Other than that, I've tracted this whole place and am trying to set up tons of appointments with members, because it is freezing outside. I love the members we live with, I'll miss them and their ward.
I am however excited for Christmas. I got the family letter yesterday, and I thank you for the package and the letter. I am also excited, tomorrow we have a mission christmas devotional in Aurora which will be somewhat like a zone conference.
Another quick story, a nice gesture. We came home last night and went into our room. there was a small Christmas tree, and snowflakes, and garland and other decorations, as well as dipped pretzel rods wrapped up on our beds. We asked our members where they came from, and the Young Women came over and decorated it while we were out for the day. I thought it was very nice of them to do so. I was a plesant suprise, and after all the drama the last few days, where we felt like we had no one to back us up I got the family letter and that nice present. It helped me out a lot. Also another companionship met and made me a german choclate cake at lunch time yesterday. They did it for my birthday, since I'll probably be moved by then. Those "tender mercies" yesterday really helped me see that friends and family are what matter most, and you can always fall back on them. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and all we can do is praise him and give thanks! Sidenote: Webster defines "mystery" as: a religious truth revealed by revelation alone. I love that. I use it in teaching!

I love you guys! Take care! And once again thanks for all you do!

Elder TOm Stevenson

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