Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29 September 2010

I'm so excited for transfers next week.I'm glad the letter to those YM had an impact. I thought it would be good to wirte back since they took the time to write me. And the youth in the church do not realize 90% of the time just how important they are. They are the future of the church and where most missionary work can come from.

Well life is going alright. I feel more and more like I'm babysitting than acting as a missionary. I cannot wait until I don't have to worry about having a crazy companion anymore. But we are teaching. We are tracting. And we are still pushing for the move.

I really enjoyed my District Meeting yesterday. It was a review on the stuff we have been learning at trainings. The spirit was way strong as we discussed the atonement and personal applications and experiences.

Well i am trying to think what else to tell ya about. We invited our investigators to Conference and I think we are watching the sunday morning session at a part-member-family's home. That will be a fun experience. I am excited to hear the words of a living prophet once again.

I hope that you are having a great time back home. Take care of yourselves and we'll talk soon. I love ya tons and I look forward to seeing ya again in 3 months. :)

Hey by the way tell Christine I still have the Percy Christmas train! :P

Love ya,

22 September 2010

Hey y'all,

Life is good up here. I think I am ending my mission up here too. I talked to our mission President in interviews yesterday about some concerns with my companion. He said, I see you've been up there four transfers, you think you could stay longer? I answered, I think I could end my mission up here. He said, Well thats good, because as of now thats the plan. I told him I was burnt out on the "special assignments" I've been given, and he said to just hold out. Two weeks from tomorrow is a new transfer and he promised to give me a companion who's a lot easier to work with and get along with.

The chili cookoff went alright. I had to judge and some of those chilis didn't agree with eachother or my body. The Dr. is out of town for work and had to leave a day early to go to the emergency rooms up in Montana and North Dakota. He did not make it to the Chili cookoff, however we did have 6 non-members there. He will return in two weeks.

I am still waiting on the move and transfers. I had a couple part-member families that told me they want to be taught, but they are waiting until my companion leaves. It is a rough situation. I really hope he can succeed on his mission. He is working on staying out with President, he flipped out a few days ago and was saying how badly he wanted to go home. I tried to encourage him to stay, but I almost think that he might be better off if he did go home.

I worry about the people around me. I worry when I think that God trusts me so much and my Mission Presidents that I got the opportunity to help a few struggling missionaries out. It is kind of scary to think that I am that trustworthy.

I miss you all I do love ya and this video is just for you guys:

Love ya tons,

15 September 2010

How y'all doing? So life is good. We are losing some investigators and gaining some more. :) One guy is a Doctor who just showed up to sacrament meeting and is now reading the Book of Mormon. He is excited about it and also excited to check out some of the upcoming ward activities. I love this area so much now. It is going to be such a drag if I have to leave it. But it is way weird to think that I am only in my fourth area.

Other than that we had a long district meeting to train on the new teaching skills and during that our car guy took my car put some nice tires on the front, got it realigned, and the oil changed. I am way happy to have good tires in time for snow. Now I do not fear the snow anymore! :P I love this area. I want you to see it sometime. I am seriously thinking of moving out here, it is paradise up here.

Other than that the life of a missionary is tracting as of late. We are having a ward chili cookoff which we can hopefully get some people out to. Other than that I have started to challenge members to read from preach my gospel and break down the points of each section in the lesson and to prepare to be able to teach it. I dont want to be scared of having member present lessons anymore. hahaha

Well I hope I have more to talk about next week.

Luv ya,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1 September 2010

Hey guys,

Well we had an exciting week. We finally had ward missionaries called. YAY! Other than that my GPS is down and I am sending it in on warranty... I was given a 2007 Magellan model to take its place for now and we'll see how long all this takes. Other than that, life is pretty much the same. I need to remember to do videos again, but I really dont know what to talk about.

We are phoneless because I left my phone in the member who gave us a ride to the temple's car. Yucky! But we did get to go to the temple today. I saw some awesome people there and got to enjoy the peace there too. Good place!

It is good news to hear that I will be getting some help with school. I don't know who needs to be called for me to reenter the University though. I talked to my President and it looks as if I will be flying into SLC airport on Dec 31:
"Contact the Records, Registration & Evaluations Office in UH-171 or by calling (909) 537-5200 to process your return from leave of absence" Thats all I can find for my hold, but registration should be sometime in November I think so I'll need to know when to do that, but if you talk to them I am still coming back in Winter 2011. I'm planning on doing more general eds than anything though. I am seriously thinking about studying Psychology or Criminal Justice now. I think I want to get into investigations.

Our move is never going to happen. I am just about over pushing it! The bishop aint working with it anymore. He so what happened with the shootings? I heard about that and I wonder did they find a motive? If so what is it? It kind of scares me to go back to that. I'm gonna miss the mountains so much too. We'll have to go up them a lot! haha

Well I hope you had a great anniversary and that Christy had a happy B-Day!

Love ya!