Wednesday, September 29, 2010

22 September 2010

Hey y'all,

Life is good up here. I think I am ending my mission up here too. I talked to our mission President in interviews yesterday about some concerns with my companion. He said, I see you've been up there four transfers, you think you could stay longer? I answered, I think I could end my mission up here. He said, Well thats good, because as of now thats the plan. I told him I was burnt out on the "special assignments" I've been given, and he said to just hold out. Two weeks from tomorrow is a new transfer and he promised to give me a companion who's a lot easier to work with and get along with.

The chili cookoff went alright. I had to judge and some of those chilis didn't agree with eachother or my body. The Dr. is out of town for work and had to leave a day early to go to the emergency rooms up in Montana and North Dakota. He did not make it to the Chili cookoff, however we did have 6 non-members there. He will return in two weeks.

I am still waiting on the move and transfers. I had a couple part-member families that told me they want to be taught, but they are waiting until my companion leaves. It is a rough situation. I really hope he can succeed on his mission. He is working on staying out with President, he flipped out a few days ago and was saying how badly he wanted to go home. I tried to encourage him to stay, but I almost think that he might be better off if he did go home.

I worry about the people around me. I worry when I think that God trusts me so much and my Mission Presidents that I got the opportunity to help a few struggling missionaries out. It is kind of scary to think that I am that trustworthy.

I miss you all I do love ya and this video is just for you guys:

Love ya tons,

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