Wednesday, September 29, 2010

15 September 2010

How y'all doing? So life is good. We are losing some investigators and gaining some more. :) One guy is a Doctor who just showed up to sacrament meeting and is now reading the Book of Mormon. He is excited about it and also excited to check out some of the upcoming ward activities. I love this area so much now. It is going to be such a drag if I have to leave it. But it is way weird to think that I am only in my fourth area.

Other than that we had a long district meeting to train on the new teaching skills and during that our car guy took my car put some nice tires on the front, got it realigned, and the oil changed. I am way happy to have good tires in time for snow. Now I do not fear the snow anymore! :P I love this area. I want you to see it sometime. I am seriously thinking of moving out here, it is paradise up here.

Other than that the life of a missionary is tracting as of late. We are having a ward chili cookoff which we can hopefully get some people out to. Other than that I have started to challenge members to read from preach my gospel and break down the points of each section in the lesson and to prepare to be able to teach it. I dont want to be scared of having member present lessons anymore. hahaha

Well I hope I have more to talk about next week.

Luv ya,

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