Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1 September 2010

Hey guys,

Well we had an exciting week. We finally had ward missionaries called. YAY! Other than that my GPS is down and I am sending it in on warranty... I was given a 2007 Magellan model to take its place for now and we'll see how long all this takes. Other than that, life is pretty much the same. I need to remember to do videos again, but I really dont know what to talk about.

We are phoneless because I left my phone in the member who gave us a ride to the temple's car. Yucky! But we did get to go to the temple today. I saw some awesome people there and got to enjoy the peace there too. Good place!

It is good news to hear that I will be getting some help with school. I don't know who needs to be called for me to reenter the University though. I talked to my President and it looks as if I will be flying into SLC airport on Dec 31:
"Contact the Records, Registration & Evaluations Office in UH-171 or by calling (909) 537-5200 to process your return from leave of absence" Thats all I can find for my hold, but registration should be sometime in November I think so I'll need to know when to do that, but if you talk to them I am still coming back in Winter 2011. I'm planning on doing more general eds than anything though. I am seriously thinking about studying Psychology or Criminal Justice now. I think I want to get into investigations.

Our move is never going to happen. I am just about over pushing it! The bishop aint working with it anymore. He so what happened with the shootings? I heard about that and I wonder did they find a motive? If so what is it? It kind of scares me to go back to that. I'm gonna miss the mountains so much too. We'll have to go up them a lot! haha

Well I hope you had a great anniversary and that Christy had a happy B-Day!

Love ya!

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