Thursday, January 7, 2010

6 January 2010

So Monday was such a fun day. On Sunday night I drove down to Golden, just above my last area, so naturally I had to visit the Kohls. :P Then we went and stayed at another missionaries home and the junior companion there is from the Sunset Hills Ward in Apple Valley (the one I served my two week mission in. So we talked for such a long time. And we both realized that our mission is more strict and more hardworking overall than the missionaries we saw and were around back home. It was so fun though. We talked until like 130 in the morning, and then we woke up went to zone conference in Golden, and we drove back at around 2 and got home at 4 with a short stop in South Park so I could take a few pictures. hehehe I thought that was pretty good for 285 (a two lane highway where everyone likes to drive 10 under and I'd rather do a bit over, the curves were nothing compared to driving our mountains, but those are the smaller mountains here).
So far this week we have 8 hours tracting (7 yesterday) Our goal is to bust past 30 and 8 in two days is a good start. We have to find some people to teach! I was talking to President making him aware of some of the challenges and successes in the area, and he told me if we don't find some people that are progressing by the end of the transfer they are closing the area for a few months. So that to me becomes a challenge, now I have to make it happen. Otherwise I better got to another mountain town (montrose, rifle, rangley, etc.) or back to Denver! I will miss this area so much whenever I have to leave.
So there isn't too many cool things to talk about from teaching people. We have been teaching, and trying though. It ain't too bad. We taught a lesson to a lady who has studied theology, and retired up here, and she was probably the kindest theologian that I've met. Most of them are full of themselves (which can become funny when you find a loophole). I guess she just took the word to heart as she read they bible and comprehended what a Christian is from the writings of the Apostles.
So 120 miles one way to golden. It was a fun little drive. The problem was when we were getting back to town deep down I wanted to keep driving. I like to travel. i think its fun. I need to get a job that allows me to travel. :P
We got 117 baptisms in November and December in our mission. But we could have more. The 20 lessons program could use more support, but that issue is being addressed. Elder L. Tom Perry will be coming to tour our mission and will be training the stakes on it and letting them know that that program ain't something the missionaries just made up. It's too perfect for that, but that it is from the Lord through L. Tom Perry (who is the apostle over missionary work), and that it ain't an option either. He's also going to train the missionaries a bit. I'm pretty excited for that one. It will be a great thing.
other than that: Life is good. i think I'm healthy. I try to work hard everyday, and I pray. I think that that's all that matters. I love you all and we will talk again soon. But until then God Speed.

Love ya,

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