Friday, January 29, 2010

27 January 2010

I'm staying in Buena Vista and getting a new companion. I will be moving
houses I live at out here too in the next few days, so I'll get you the new
PO Box ASAP, but just stick with the mission office address for now. I put
together a small package with some tee shirts, the Joseph Smith DVD, and
some letters, and I'll send it later on today. My back still feels a bit
off, but its not so much sharp pains anymore. I'm pretty excited for the new
transfer that's coming up.
We have had more teaching opportunities popping up. The couple that I gave
the guy a tie here in town, they work at Subway, and we will be teaching one
of their coworkers this afternoon. He's already been reading the Book of

The Branch President wants his house to himself, so we'll be moving to the
Branch Mission Leaders home. It'll be good. It'll be funny telling my new
companion not to unpack.

We had 393 miles this week from carryover, so we are sitting pretty there.

Today will not be a real P-day though. We have a lunch appointment at 11, a
teaching appointment with an investigator at 2, one with a recent convert at
3, a member wants us to stop by around 430, and we have a 7pm teaching
appointment with an investigator. I guess things are picking up, and we'll
have a member at the 7 oclock! :P

Other than that, I'm excited for transfers, bc I'll be right next to a
Walmart when we meet the APs, so I can get some milk, some laundry
detergent, facewash, stuff like that with the gift card you gave me! yay! I
also hope I have a decent companion...

We got a less active that we tracted into to go to church. Now his family
has to start coming. They really need the fellowship of church and
the atonement in their lives! But I guess we all do!

I don't have too much else to tell you, other than I love you all!

Love ya guys,
Elder Stevenson

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