Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13 January 2010

It was so funny to see Todd [serving a mission in El Salvador] say that 70 is a cold temp. I wish it got near that warm here. We call it a warm day at a high of 20.
I'm sorry to hear about Amanda. I hope all goes well with that. Is she staying with family out in Aurora. I wonder if she is in the part of aurora our mission covers. She needs to get to church, that would help her out a ton.
So anyways, we probably will be leaving in two weeks. We tracted 30 hours last week and taught 10 lessons (most of which were to members), but haven't found too many people who say their interested, and I've decided only like 10% of the people who say they are actually make it past the 1st lesson. Oh well though we're trying.
We're teaching a couple of families, both of which are not progressing. One just wants to hear what we believe from the source and get rid of preconceived notions, and the other is a PhD in Theology and you can tell he has questions, but he just won't ask them (even when invited to) because he doesn't want to admit that he doesn't know everything.
If the area does close for 3 months though, there's a chance I'll be back in the summer to open it with another missionary which would be cool. there are some great members up here.
Tomorrow the members we live with are heading out to Hawaii, so we got the house to ourselves! That means no more waiting until 730 to go into the kitchen. I'm excited now, because when that rules been in place there has been no motivation to wake up, because once you've showered you are just sitting in the room waiting until 730, so I have just laid there a while longer before I shower, but it'll be nice to be able to eat first thing again.
I don't know what else I said when I wrote the last email, but I do miss being in the city where you can hang out with other missionaries on pday and stuff. I love you guys... i hope all is going well, and that you guys are happy. I'll talk to you next week.


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