Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3 February 2010

Hey guys,
Life is good out here... I forgot to bring my new PO box address, so I guess things will just have to go to the mission office for now. I'll try and shoot you a quick email during the week though.

So here's a cool story. Thomas, that we have been teaching... i couldn't get a hold of him to set up an appointment. But last night I called and set one up for today. I talked to him and as of last night since last Wednesday he's in 3 Nephi 26 in the Book of Mormon! Ain't that crazy?? He said he's been praying and he likes the book of mormon, he feels like God is leading him by the hand to where he needs to be. Last Wednesday we had the first lesson, and the spirit was so strong that he started to cry pretty good. It was probably one of the most powerful lessons I've been a part of. We will be baptizing him this month, and hopefully we can get some more. In our branch of 30 we had 4 investigators at sacrament last week. Things are really picking up!

Other than that much isn't going on here. We tract, we eat, we sleep! Such is the life of a missionary. Today is going to be a busy day too. We email now, have lunch with a member at 11, after that we are going to the church for the blood drive to answer questions if anyone has them (too bad the white handbook forbids us from donating). Then we have an appointment at 4 and one at 7:30. So we don't get much of a Pday. But we're probably gonna go on a little day hike one of these days, so its all good. I've been wanting to go on a hike the whole time I've been here. haha

What the heck is with you guys and Disneyland. It seems like you've gone more times in this year than I have in my whole life! Do I get a pass next year too? lol

Anyways, the new place is great! We have so much more space and are able to pretty much do our own thing. I'm so tired though... This last week was crazy. Had to leave early up to Silverthorne to switch companions because it was dumping down snow. There was about a foot on the ground by the house just from overnight and it kept coming. Then I met my new comp and we drove back in snow. It was an ok drive aside from the morons who think they need to brake on ice, so you get to shift down and watch them fall in a ditch. AWD helps too tho. And it stunk when I got stuck behind a snowplow for like 10 miles. Other than that it was a fine ride. Snow driving is easy... go slow, and correct without braking, but don't overcorrect... that's most peoples problems. It ain't a big deal though.
Then we took his stuff to the new house, went back finished packing and packed the car again and got moved in. It is so fun to be able to settle in and hit the sack a bit early that night.

Other than that I dunno what to tell ya. I don't have much else new or interesting in my life. But I love the new email client! It's awesome.

Love ya,

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