Wednesday, February 24, 2010

17 February 2010

Zone Leaders are a pain in the butt. Elder Perry is coming to our mission on
Saturday. We would be able to go, BUT we have no way to get reimbursed for
miles. We were also asked to drive another set of elders which would make
our trip 330 miles instead of 250 and told we had a 305 allotment for the
week, but we cant get reimbursed for miles. So I called the assistants and
worked out where missionaries who have the other elders on their way can
pick them up, and asked about reimbursements. Turns out our zone leaders
have been reimbursing themselves too much, so because of that we had to make
a decision to not go and to not get to meet Elder Perry. Oh well though. He
is coming out to train the stake and ward leaders on HIS 20 lesson ward
council program. There has been a problem out here where the leaders accuse
the missionaries of making it up and refuse to work with us. I have never
seen it happen on my mission because of this. He is going to inform them
that this program is a prayerful idea of the brethren and is not an option,
but a requirement. He also wanted to talk to the missionaries in the morning
that day, but I wont be able to go now.

So I have put myself on a little diet and been doing a lot of ab,
resistance, and cardio workouts I learned at the University. I want to get
back under 200 lbs. I am progressing towards that goal, and feeling better
about myself everyday.

Thomas, our investigator wants to be baptized so bad. He has given up
drinking. He has now started the task of reading the Book of Mormon for a
third time, and is loving it. He is praying hard and is more ready than
ever. His work schedule has not allowed for him to attend church, but the
member he works with was baptized a little over a year ago, and the owner of
the restaurant will be giving him that subway next month, so he will be
making the schedules then. So if we can get him out before then, he's
guaranteed to get out after then. He also wants to cook us up some steaks!
yum, yum

So have you guys ever tried those stouffer's lean cuisine meals? They taste
way good, fill you up, and are about 300 calories each. Those are amazing
for a diet, because I don't even feel like I'm dieting after I eat one, but
I am still seeing the results. hopefully I can gain some muscle mass back
too... Ive lost a lot of that in the last 5 months or so since I stopped
lifting weights.

Last night we went to the girls high school basketball game for a UBC
(unbaptized child) of a PMF (Part Member Family) and we've been working with
her a bit. It was such a good game, it was way fun to watch. We will be
going over to have dinner with them and teach a lesson tomorrow. It should
be pretty awesome.

Other than that there has been a lot of door knocking, and that's always
fun. One of our Zone Leaders came up with us for the day last Thursday, and
he tracted with us and kind of made one of our investigators mad. I don't
like that. But we have lunch with the member who owns the body shop that she
works at today, so she should be there and we should be able to talk a bit.
Some people are just socially inept. I don't know that they should be
missionaries, because they're the ones that make people not like us.

Well I'm excited for all you guys are doing. I wish I could tell you a bit
more about whats going on here. We have potential to have 3 on a date, and a
couple of those for next transfer, so the "3 months on, 3 months off" area
may be open for 6 months straight. Daaaaaang!!!!! That would be pretty

Well life is good. We're keeping busy, having fun, and teaching some people,
so its a great time right now. My companion is another kid that grew up on a
cattle ranch. He is from Hiko, NV and has been out one less transfer than
me, which is great, because I'm still designated driver. :P

Well y'all take care now. Wednesdays seem to come and go so fast, it feels
like I just wrote you guys yesterday. Love you guys.

Elder TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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