Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 February 2010

So... those missionaries that came by are ridiculous. First of all we have been instructed out here by a member of the first quorum of the seventy and our mission president to introduce ourselves as ministers of Christ's church. Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is way too long, and you've already lost their attention and interest by the time you've spit that out. Most Christian people have ministers, and they respect them, so with that introduction and a piece of a gospel truth you are far more likely to get into a house than with a long intro and long drawn out conversation on the porch. I also think its ridiculous to say... "you're less active right" unless that was like a joke specifically for you from Bishop Lomenick, which would be inappropriate also. It is so simple with LA, PM or even active families to get a lesson. Drop a phonecall and tell them you're new in the ward and are just trying to meet some people in the ward... Ask if you can come over for dinner or to share a lesson, and if they don't answer ALWAYS leave a message with your phone number. Its worked out pretty well for me. Besides, the church has been instructed to never use the word inactive, its less-active. No wonder people have a bad impression of missionaries.

This week has been crazy! Yesterday I drove 300 miles. We had a zone conference and we got stuck bringing the Elders in Frisco home. I had to drive a bit quicker than I wanted to to make it to our dinner appointment, but we made it. Going to Frisco adds an extra 50 miles or so to the trip. But we're sitting pretty still, bc we get half of that reimbursed, so I still got 208 miles for the week. Yesterday we finally got planners too, Ive been living off index cards for a couple weeks, because no one brought them to us in the mountains. I also got a brand new preach my gospel from the mission office, because mine is totally falling apart. Yesterday I also got a really sweet package from a girl I met in Nauvoo that lives in Hurricane, UT that Ive been talking to, with a long letter, some candy, and a camel (because "I made it over the hump, but I still have to endure to the end") haha. It was kind of cute/funny.

We're still shooting for a baptismal date of the 21st with Thomas. I just hope he doesn't start drinking again, because yesterday he found out his fiancee who is in the ARMY is going to marry another soldier instead. ouch! So keep him in your prayers... hes such a good guy.

We are back to 2 in our teaching pool. One that came to sacrament was so weirded out, and didn't stay for the last classes or anything, and doesn't want to learn more right now, so hopefully they'll be found again in the future. Shes an excommunicated member who wants to come back, but her husbands holding her back, and when we had knock on their door, we were told that we were the first missionaries to come by in the four years they lived there. That ones a bit crazy!

Tonight into tomorrow we have a Zone Leader Team-up. Our zone leaders down in Golden are training a kid, so one of them and their kid are staying, and the other one is getting a ride up with a member of his ward to our area. We were asked to find him a ride to AVON to go with the VAIL Elders at around 7. hahahah We lucked out though, bc the only ride we could find with a member was at 3pm. So he gets to go from dinner tomorrow to the end of the night with the VAIL elders, and we only get him from 9pm-3pm.

Well I don't know what else to tell you all! I hope life is treating you well, and you all have a great day


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