Wednesday, November 24, 2010

22 Nov 2010

I have to write quick. This week our P-day is Thursday for the Holiday, but we still email on Monday. I am down in Golden because we had a district meeting and got our brakes cleaned out. It was making a horrible screeching noise last night and I knew it was either a wear indicator or a rock in there. It was a rock lodged behind the rear-right rotor. They cleaned out the brakes and it drives amazing.

Well life is good. It's funny you talk about obedience in Gospel Principles. We had that lesson a week ago and it was the study topic a part-member family we are working with had selected for their weekly family scripture study. Every gospel principles lesson seems to be inspired for the Malcolms. My mission President challenged me to have two more baptisms by the end of my mission and I think that Teresa is for sure going to be one of them.

Other than that we have gotten a bit of snow, but been safe and I've been enjoying my time up here in Evergreen. I really hope all is well down there. I can't help but think about home, but just know that I am still working hard. I am enjoying my mission more so now than at any other point in time out here. It is amazing to experience the love of our savior and the love that people around us have for us, and the love and concern we grow to have for them.

Well I guess I should probably hit the road running, but I will try to send you more info some other time. Take care, I love you and we'll see ya very very soon. :)

Love ya,

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