Sunday, December 12, 2010

29 November 2010

Hey guys,

I love you a ton. We've been getting dumped on with snow lately, but when you have a good car with good tires it never really matters. The problem is people are too cheap to get the proper tires and then we find ourselves pushing them out of a ditch. hahaha

So this week has been very good. It is fun to have so many people talk about us in so many good ways. There is a Part-Member family named the Rizzos. The husband is a non-member who has really been turned off to missionaries in the past. We are visiting them and doing service for his parents who are in their 80s. We had lunch with his parents today and they told us that when they visited with him he said that we are the best missionaries he's ever seen and he loves having us around. We have dinner with their family in Friday, and I really think that there is some huge potential there.

Teresa is back in town and we are excited to work more with her. One of the ladies we recently baptized, her son will be visiting for the holidays for about 10 days and wants to be baptized. We already taught him and he's attended church enough so all we'll need to do is some refreshers and talk to him about why he wants to do it, but thats in the near future too.

Thanksgiving was ridiculous. We had 3 dinners and I felt extremely fat afterwards. I'm up to 190 again. I cant gain more. I wont allow it. We also played football in the morning. It was way fun besides the fact that my comp got hit high and low and has massive back pain now. But altogether it was an amazing day.

I love living where we do, but I am so excited to see you guys. I am also excited to see that they are finally working on the 5 names program. Our ward mission leader is just making himself heard in the weekly meetings and stuff is starting to happen. He has been awesome since he started to understand his job a bit. It has become a pleasure to work with him.

We just had a missionary come home a few weeks early from the rome italy mission for medical reasons. His name is Cassidy Grigg and he knows Liza. Their family is amazing. It is where we called from on Mothers day and where I'll be calling from on Christmas. I love how close their whole family is and how much they take care of eachother it is really a great thing to see.

Well I dont know too much more of what you want to hear about. Life just seems kind of the same now, and nothing is really new to me, so its hard to convey new information to you. I am excited for the Christmas season. I have helped set up a few trees already and am excited to do more. That has to be the best part of Christmas. I hope you all have a great week, and cant wait to hear from you again.

Love Ya,

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