Sunday, December 19, 2010

13 December 2010

Hey guys,
This week has been getting better all the time. We also have had a ton of contacts contact us back and found a family in staples when I was using the restroom my first night out. They approached us and told us they used to meet with the missionaries, they love our church and they are considering joining. We have potential to have 7 new investigators this week with how things are looking.

So its weird to think that I'll be home three weeks from wednesday and Eliza will be home on Friday. I think I'm just going to suck it up as far as the medical bills offer from the guy out here. I will do fine. My companion doesnt have an adequate suit and his dad is out of work. This same gentleman is taking us to the city today to buy him a suit. That will be a great thing for him, and I really dont need help that much. I can make things work. Tell Grandma and Grandpa I say thanks for the money... that will be a big help.

I am looking forward to the holidays. I get steak and potatoes for my birthday dinner from a pretty cool family out here. We also are having a going home party with some members and people I've taught out here at the home of a professional chef. This guy makes amazing food and has cook for the president and a few different celebreties too. He is making pork chops with a spicy raspberry sauce and any sides he wants for the dinner. I'm excited for that.

Well I love you guys... I cant wait until Christmas when we can talk and also until I can see ya guys again in the new year. I love ya tons. This church is God's church, and he is looking out for me. I realize that we have to have ups and downs, but I have noticed, most especially on my mission, after the hard times comes the most success. We are looking forward to a successful last few weeks of my mission. I love you guys, and I hope that life is good.


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