Sunday, January 2, 2011

20 December 2010

It is quite odd to think that I only get to email you twice after today. It's going to be an interesting couple weeks. I'm finally starting to feel better too... just after I recovered from strep I picked up the common cold that's been going around. Its been an eventful time for me. I think the devil doesn't want me to finish my mission strong. I don't know why else all these roadblocks would arise. We have so many cool things going on right now too. We are teaching a new referral that we just committed to baptism that is so ready for the gospel. He is a resource officer for one of the local high schools, and has had exposure to the church by that medium, and also used to date a member of the congregation. The way the spirit felt at the lesson and the way his prayer went at the close tell me that he is ready. The openness in conversation as well as the searching questions seem to be pretty good indications as well. But we'll let you know how our appointment tonight goes when I call on Saturday.

I cant believe that two weeks from wednesday I will be at home with you guys. I'm kinda scared for tuesday of that week since I will be the only one with an exit interview and at the dinner with the mission president. Oh well though. By the way I have a district meeting tomorrow and will be meeting up with Carrie then at a more central location. So she may be able to fit my bike box and a luggage piece she said, which will be very nice.

I sent a nice letter regarding the employment outlook for Facilities Services to the management there today. So we will see what happens with that. It would be nice to work there again, low stress, controllable hours, and a decent pay nonetheless. That would be the ideal situation, but I kind of doubt there will be openings. Other jobs may require a car. Speaking of which, have you thought about getting a new car and passing the Sonata down to me? Idk just a suggestion, but you may have other plans and that's ok.

So starting next tuesday, at transfers, I will have a new companion. There will be three of us for the last week, which will be kind of nice to arrange to visit people in previous areas on my last couple days, because they can stay together and as long as I'm with a priesthood holder it will be ok. Cassidy Grigg said he didn't have any pictures with Eliza from when they were near each other. He said that he's not much of a picture taker, but he did take pictures of tourist attractions. If she does want some of those, I could have him send some. We will be at his house when we call on Saturday, so that will be a simple accomplishment.

So how is Eliza coping with being home? I think it might be easier to cope with than being perpetually sick, but I am starting to feel better. I will be a weird adjustment. So the Stake President wants me to wait a day to be released?? Looks like I have to wait an extra day to have a hot date. lol That's going to be an odd adjustment too. Oh well. So are Alex and Eliza still talking? Whats the deal-io with them? hmmmmmm what else to talk about.

I don't know what else to tell you. You want to hear stories, but its all the same old same old for me, so the stories don't seem exciting to tell. So if you guys end up getting a phone before I come home for me...all the android powered phones are pretty sweet, but not pressuring into anything. lol Well thanks for everything. The only book information I have as of yet is pasted below from one of my professors. Hopefully we can find it for cheaper online. Well we'll talk to you guys on Saturday.

Love ya tons,

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