Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3 January 2011

I'M ALL PACKED! It feels so weird... I feel like I'm gone already and it is kind of hard. I have been saying goodbye to people and it is slightly depressing. Last night was rough. We had an amazing day tracting and also teaching after church. I felt super productive, and then when we went in to plan it was rough. I realized that I had just completed my last proselyting day, since today is p-day and tomorrow I will be chillin' and going to the temple. I was so down and out. I was talking to my new companion (Elder Lee from Bakersfield, CA) and telling him to take advantage of the time he has. I almost cried last night.

Well it is going to quite odd to leave a place where 25 degrees is warm... Y'all are all gonna have coats on and I'm gonna wanna strip down hahaha. The last snowstorm has taken forever to melt off the roads... we just saw a car that got tipped on its side on the way up here. I am so glad we have a set of good tires now.

Grant is so ready for baptism. We also have another baptism set up for February. It is sad to see all the work going on, but I have some work to do in CA now. I gotta get some friends who we can get to church when I get home.

There's a lot of sad people since I'm leaving... A lot of people look at me as an extra son it seems. It is sad tho to see people cry and all. lol Well I guess its life. I have a couple cool presents I'll have to show ya and stuff...

I'll see ya in a couple days. I can't wait to give you guys all big hugs, but It will be sad to leave this place and people that I love so much.

My mission has been the greatest experience of my life. I have learned so much about myself and I am super happy to have had this opportunity. I thank all of you that have helped support me in doing something I love. I cant wait to continue to share with people how much god loves us. I know that Christ is my savior and he loves me and has gotten me through a lot of hard times. I know the the book of Mormon is God's word and that he can enrich our lives if we simply read from it. I love all the leadership opportunities I have had and all the experiences that have helped me learn.

I love you guys and I'll see ya in less than two (days that is).

Elder Thomas Stevenson

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