Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 Nov 2010


Everything is worked out for school. I get $1,835 per quarter and I can register for classes next week. It is good that everything is working out. The only thing that stinks is I can see the people in UT for a while. Oh well though.

Life is good up here. we got some good snow the other day. I concluded it ain't scary to drive in the snow in and of itself. Its just scary because no one else knows how to drive. haha there was a guy who stopped in front of this semi who was dead in front of us. The semi had to keep slamming the brakes and then gassing it to pull the trailer straight through the bends of 285. its a miracle they didn't wreck. Then we saw a semi kingpinned in the center of the highway. He lost his job for sure. Its so sad to think. As I looked in my mirrors I saw many people spinning out. Its amazing what good tires a good car and a little common sense can do.

So I'm probably going to be sweating in the CA winter weather. It will be an interesting thing to see. I'm kind of scared about going back to school. It is something that doesn't seem as exciting as it did at the beginning of my mission. We will have to just deal with it though. I am just taking general eds until I can switch my major, so the classes shouldn't be too bad (knock on wood). I think I'm just going to schedule Tuesday Thursday classes, and leave the other days open for work. We'll see how it all works out.

We are starting to work with a bunch of Less Actives now. We got so many people to agree to agree to have us over. We are also having people that we previously talked to call back and want to meet us. So other than that its the same old same old. I love you guys and we'll see ya soon and talk to ya sooner.

Love ya,

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