Wednesday, May 6, 2009

6 May 2009

This week was a week from HELL! On Saturday I got the stomache flu and was kneeling at the toilet all day long. I thought I was better until Sunday night when I was sitting on the toilet all day, and that just ended last night. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I hope that never ever ever happens again. I'm scared after the past week that I will forever be remembered in the area as the Elder who didn't eat much. And one of the homes I visited was with a pure silver plate and then a normal plate on top, cloth napkins with silver rings, nice candles and place settings multiple dishes and I still couldn't eat much. Being sick SUCKS.
Other than that though things have been good. On Friday we moved an investigator in with her fellowshipping family and we had dinner with a really cool family, the guy is a big shot attorney out here, but in his home he is the most down to earth guy you'll meet. We keep getting a load of crap, because Elder Mayes is from Iowa and they legalized gay marriage, so whenever he says Iowa at a dinner appointment people give him a hard time about it.
On Monday we had a Zone Meeting in the morning and we all got to share the things our Mothers have taught us in the gospel. It was pretty good, and after that I just slept and was miserable all day, except we snuck out at dinnertime to see a refferal and go to our dinner appointment that were in the same neighborhood. Then went back home.
Yesterday we had a service project doing yardwork at the mission home and we had our companionship interviews for the whole zone there. I talked to President and his wife about being sick and they said if I'm not feeling well later on in a week I gotta go see the Doc. He also told me that basically he thought I wasn't learning quickly enough in Highlands Ranch and that he doesn't know if I'll be prepared for the the leadership he wanted to give me next transfer. Then he stared me in the eyes and said, " The probability of you getting transferred in two weeks is... VERY,... VERY... high." So I'm thinking you should change to the mission address on the blog again.
Elder Thomas Stevenson
2001 E Easter Ave Ste 303
Centennial CO 80122
I am so excited to call you guys on Sunday! Just to talk to you guys and hear your voices should be comforting. I also hope Eliza gets better.
I don't have much time left to write, but I love you, and I'll talk to you on Sunday.

Elder Tom

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  1. tell him i'm so sorry he's sick. He's been sending me letters and awesome pictures. he's doing well!!! Hope you have a great chat with him on Sunday!