Saturday, July 18, 2009

16 July 2009

Thanks so much for the letter. We had to email today, because we needed an oil change yesterday, so we went down by my old area, went to the temple, had our oil changed and played sports at the chapel by the mission office. It was way fun, but we didn't have time to email yesterday.
Quick side note... does dad's truck stereo have a button that says "load"? If it does, it's probably a six CD changer like in our corolla. you press load and it says wait, then load on the screen. But anyways...
So I'm glad you guys all had a good time with the family. And by the way my mission covers half of Aurora, so the Stewart's family could very well be in my mission.
I'm loving it here in lakewood, even though in Highlands Ranch we had 4 with a baptismal date when I left. Oh well though. We have one with a date right now, she had a baby girl with a member and they're getting married in a couple of weeks, and baptized a month later. It will be awesome. And we have a couple of part member families we're teaching. We're still trying to get the wards to implement Elder Perry's plan with five names from each auxillery. It's interesting how much work it takes to get members to follow the words of an apostle of the Lord. We still don't have a ward mission leader in one of our wards. but our wards are an ideal situation for a missionary, since they have the youth classes overlap, we have sacrament, gospel principles, gospel principles again, and sacrament again. We get home by 1:45 and still have time to work thank goodness. I'm getting along with this companion very well. We work, and he is down to earth, not self-righteous, or hypocritical like we find some of the missionaries here to be. We've been teaching as much as possible, trying to reactivate a few families, and just focusing on what we can do and not on trying to make numbers look good, and I'm a lot happier this way!
Next week I will be emailing on tuesday, because on Wednesday at around four in the morning we meet at the mission office to travel to a church owned camp below Grand Junction where we'll stay overnight in the cabins and have a 2 day zone conferences and some day hikes, and stuff.
I also just got my checkered suit cleaned and am trying to find a seamstress in the wards who could take the pants in for me. If I was still in Highlands Ranch I'd be going to a Barmitzfa (i spelled it wrong) on Saturday. haha We were invited as we were tracting, and President said we could go, but I'm gone now.
I'm excited though, there's a lot of potential here, even if it is a lot of old people who don't want to listen mainly, we still keep trying and we're finding some people. I've been able to give to blessings since I've been here too, and I love blessings! I feel the power overcome me and realize that it isn't really me talking! So anyways... I love you guys, I hope all is well. Good for you guys on studying for the CBEST and hopefully John can get some substitute jobs, it would be fun and they get paid a decent amount of money. I love you guys! I miss you guys! Keep praying for me, and pray for Eliza. The MTC is a tough experience, I felt totally caged in! haha... We'll talk to you later though.


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