Wednesday, July 8, 2009

8 July 2009

So I'm in the Green Mountain area of Lakewood Colorado now. I don't exactly have the address with me because I don't have my planner, because I forgot it after we weight trained and played basketball all morning long. It was so awesome! But tomorrow after Zone Meeting we'll drop by the library and I'll send it to you. The week after we have a big zone conference in the mountains, where we'll stay overnight in some church-owned cabins. Should be exciting.
My new companion has been out for just as long as the last one was when we were paired up. He's got two transfers left after this one. He, however, is a lot more chill in that he isn't a my way or the highway type guy. I like that. He's from Benica, CA just outside of San Francisco. I am also living with the parents of the bishop of Heritage Park ward in Highlands Ranch. It is a way awesome place out here though.
As for the fourth, we were instructed to be in by 9 and were planning on sitting on our members roof and watching fireworks, but it poured down rain so hard that we could barely see the road on the way home. haha So we just lifted weights and went to bed.
I like the members we live with too, they buy us milk and bread... dang, so good! haha
So anyways congrats to Eliza and to Justin Freeman who both go to the MTC next week. I hope Liza gets promoted early because she knows the language well enough though. 9 weeks there would be tough.
Missionary life is tiring. Best advice for the MTC is go to sleep asap, and wake up at 6 or earlier, otherwise you'll be late to everything!
Man, I hope dad finds a good offer, or the counteroffer is accepted... and I'll keep y'all in my prayers so you'll find a good offer and be able to decide whether to move or not. Too many decisions in life. SCARY!
I'm glad you guys had fun on the fourth. One thing that's going to take a while to get used to, is its a poorer area here than the Ranch, and its harder to fill up the dinner calendar. Feed the missionaries as often as you can. It stinks when you have to make or buy dinner. I am about to go, but I'll shoot off a quick email tomorrow too, when I have the address, since the library is on the way home from our zone meeting.
By the way, we just committed two investigators to a baptismal date here and two were just committed in my last area, so thats the exciting news for now!
Love ya guys, Take care, and by the way the See's was amazing!

Elder Stevenson

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  1. We are glad that you have a companion that you like. Hope you are working hard. That brings the best results. Cooking dinner can be fun and simple so enjoy that, too.