Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 September 2009

... so in two weeks I will tell you if I'm leaving or not. I'm not going to make any speculations this time though. We just had President's interviews, and I just told him how I am thankful for this transfer because he gave me a companion that actually works. He immediately knew what I was talking about and he said he had his reasons for putting me with them. He said he liks the growth he's seen in me over that past 7 months and told me he really likes my personality. He told me that he thought when I came in that I was just a goofy kid, but that know he can tell that I work hard and that he can trust me. He told me he could see me as a great leader in the mission. Scary, huh? I would like it though. I wouldn't be as fake as a lot of them anyways.
So we are teaching more people now! Things are going good, we have been finding people to teach, that doesn't mean we won't be spending 16+ hours a week tracting anymore, but its progress. We just got another new ward mission leader in the other ward, and they both are actually willing to coordinate with us. We are contacting daily and they are listening to what we have to say! Its a good thing.
I hope all is well there, I hope dad is enjoying his transition into the new job. Thats sad about the Warricks, but it will be a blessing for the people there to have them in their ward. They are great people. I am doubting that ANY of the other guys from that ward will go on a mission, but keep me updated on that.
We just played dodgeball and had lunch, and I gotta go do my laundry, but just know I love you guys!

Elder Stevenson

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  1. Things are looking up. We know you are a good missionary. Maybe lemon bars would help.