Wednesday, May 12, 2010

12 May 2010

Snow in the summer??? What the heck, I miss California. At least we have a good car tho. So I found out that one of the families in the ward here used to live in San Bernardino... They moved out about the time we moved in though. Hey if you go to the dental convention you should get me some tooth whitening stuff. :P

So life is good, I feel weird writing a letter because there is not much that I didn't tell ya in the phonecall. I did buy shoes yesterday. I got some nikes that were on sale for 40 because they are actually thin enough for my feet, and I got some gold toe sock because they were on sale for a dollar a pair. So that is pretty sweet. so I did burn like 50 there but I needed new shoes so badly.

We are excited to be teaching. Our one investigator is an unemployed attorney she is in her 40s and she just lost custody of one of her sons, she is definately in need of the gospel right now, and totally understands everything we teach, but is having a hard time with forgiveness. We are also teaching a 40 year old chiropractor who told the bishop he wants to be baptized. We are teaching a 10 year old in a part member family who wants to be baptized, and cool fact, his dad climbed Mt. Everest. Then we are teaching a man with cancer and a 17 year old girl. We have other investigators, but they're not really progressing.

I am pretty excited for the 21. We are having a bbq and interviews at the Presidents house. He is doing a closing interview like the ones he does when missionaries go home, since he is leaving, and letting us know what he saw in us and just cool stuff like that. So that should be fun.

Other than that tracting is still a chore, but we're doing it. I just wish it would finally warm up. This weather is retarded. I really don't know what else to tell ya other than I love you guys, and I hope things are great in lovely warm sunny california. haha

Well this church is gods church and will always hold true, even when the ppl dont. I love knowing that and that Jesus died for me. Those two fact bring a world of comfort with them. I love you guys.

Elder Tom

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