Thursday, June 3, 2010

19 May 2010

It's been an alright week. Much more beautiful weather lately, although yesterday we were on tornado-watch. haha I have had some unexpected expenses though, I thought I'd be able to dry-clean my suit and pay for it with missionary money, but that ain't happening. And I may have to spend about 5 bucks personal funds this month on food, but other than that I'm doing well. It's just kind of depressing to watch the bank account fall so so low, and know I cant do anything about it anymore. Oh well.

So we had a full baptismal service planned for saturday for Deborah, but she backed out on Tuesday. Shes beating a dead animal trying to overturn a decision on her son who is with her ex-husband which has already gone to the state court of appeals and they favored the father still, so I dont see anything happening, but she'll have to sort that out. She doesnt feel she can commit the 2 hours including the service which would be required to become a member this week. Rough stuff.

I dont know if I told you about the girl who is moving up here from school in Arizona for the summer, but she has been taught everything and wants to be baptized up here so her family can go so that will be pretty cool.

Other than that the other ward is trying to snag us and house us out there now, which is optimum as far as where all the work is. It will be totally rough with miles no matter how we work it out. Anywhere we live miles will be a problem in this area. You really really have to budget your time and where you go during the day, but now that all the teenage kids are getting out of high school we should be able to get rides often.

Other than that knocking doors is our life. I dont really have any great stories from this week, but sometimes its nice to just have a week where not too much crazy stuff happens I guess. Although last wednesday night we almost got stuck in the hills when I was on exchanges. He couldnt climb the hill in the wet snow in his truck with it in 4lo and we spun sideways in between a tree and a bunch of rocks. We got out though, but thats the most exciting story of the week.

Hey, I love you guys. Thanks for the continued support and prayers.It always helps. I feel like I have no friends back home anymore bc I've lost contact, but its ok. I miss you guys and cant wait to see ya again soon.

On Friday we go to have our bbq with president, but we're doing it at the church now instead and having interviews up the mountain, so it should be good.

Love ya,

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