Thursday, June 3, 2010

2 June 2010

So we're both staying and I'm keeping the Vibe!!! I'm excited to see things move along. We are finding so many teaching opportunities and its just been great. I'm excited for a new transfer and new opportunities. It is going to be wonderful. We have a baptism on Saturday too. Its a 9 year old unbaptized child. :)

So this week has been a lot of the same... phonecalls, tracting, and lessons. Oh and tomorrow we get a new phone, ours is a bit broken and it annoyed me enough that i called to get a new one. Other than that today we went bowling in Golden with a bunch of elders a dollar per shoes and a dollar per game! It was a load of fun, but that is why emails are late and probably gonna be short. I might drop by in the next couple days and send a bit more, but we'll see.

Last week I forgot to tell you about presidents interviews. They were pretty good. He told me how much he respects me and trust me to keep a positive attitude no matter what. He told me my last three companions were all supposed to be hard and he was surprised that I only had trouble with the one back. He said he thought I was going to have a hard time with my companion now, but he's probably one of my best comps I ever had. Its been fun. He also told me that he knows I will be successful in all that i do and I will make a great father. It made me feel good the stuff he said. :P

Other than that I am enjoying the beautiful transition straight from winter to summer. There aren't 4 seasons here, we skipped spring. It got into the mid 80s this last week a couple days... it was wonderful. It is beautiful out here, I tried to send a few good pix... I hope ya enjoy them.

We also got to go to the temple today, that was a good thing too. Its so nice to go. I also bought the new conference on CD and the returned missionary guy is burning me a ton of talks on CD so that will be fun to have. Its gonna be like christmas when they are done! I cant wait.

Well we have to go to dinner so I will try and stop in and write more sometime, but I love ya and we'll talk soon.

Elder Stevenson

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