Sunday, June 13, 2010

9 June 2010

Hey guys,

Well sounds like you guys are having fun. haha... I am pretty excited for the summer weather that is coming on (80s and 90s baby) its been so nice. They are however doing road construction on US-285 which is a highway we drive almost daily. The transit time from our house to half of our dinners will now be an hour instead of 30 minutes. That is a little bit frustrating.

Tracting is now the bulk of our work, although we do have a lot of service opportunities emerging since it is summer and there is no more snow. We also are planning on getting the youth to invite friends and playing basketball on Pdays since everyones been out of school for a few weeks. It is a great idea I think to get some investigators from and to fellowship current investigators. We already have 2 new investigators and a few potentials from talking to people at the Tuesday night volleyball activities and playing. Its been fun to play some volleyball and it has been a great way to draw people in. Speaking of which we are cruizin down to golden with some other elders and playing volleyball at 2 today, so that should be pretty cool. I'm excited! Since I left Buena Vista and even with dinner appointments and all I've been able to not only maintain but lose a couple more pounds. I'm getting close to 180 I look and feel great! :)

So I love this place in the summer it is a little piece of heaven... I'll have to send ya a few pix in a min and show ya what I'm talking about. I love it! I got to take somewhat of a dayhike on last pday just squeezing it in on top of the bowling and all. It is so amazing, but tracting in some of these areas might as well be hiking. I will miss it if I have to go back to the city. I kind of want to stay in the mountains for the rest of my mission. I have learned to love them even with all the snow. The people are a bit different somtimes but thats ok you get used to that too.

Our investigators are all standing still, but we are praying and making the necessary phonecalls ot get things rolling. We may have a dinner appointment with one on Saturday. We'll see how all that rolls out but not much to report there. I cant think of any other ways to draw them in, but summer up here i wouldnt want to answer my phone either. haha

So the church is true, the book is blue, see ya in a lot less than two. Man it is amazing to me how the time flies. I have been truely blessed to meet the people I have and serve in the wonderful areas I did. I love this area so much too. I dont know what I will do when I have to leave. It will be a hard transition if I get put back in the city. I just feel like I am love by the Lord to get the experiences I have and to live in these awesome places....

Love ya,
Elder Stevenson

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