Wednesday, June 23, 2010

16 June 2010

So whats new. I sent you a few pix. :P We had quite the hailstorm up by our house, luckily we were 10 miles away when it hit. They brought out the plows and when we got home there was still 3-4 inches of hail in parts of the driveway. I'm glad we missed it and were on the sunny side of our area... That's all good though. So Elder Bickmore is in your ward now?? That's pretty cool, their family is out of town, but I'm not surprised that he's a good missionary, his family is quite missionary oriented. We're actually starting to teach a couple of his sisters friends. They also offered to have any lessons we want at their home, they're a great bunch.

So we are getting back into teaching Deborah, and hopefully we can plan a baptism pretty soon. She needs to make that step, it would help her out so much. I am so happy its getting warmer again, it makes tracting a lot more tolerable. It really is kind of fun when you have a good companion. Life is so much easier when you receive cooperation. haha I'm scared for a new mission president and a new companion which will both come very soon. I hope the new mission president doesn't do anything to drastic, because it could totally tear apart the mission.

Zone Conference was yesterday and it was a blast. They ran over though, which made it a race to make it to dinner, but we made it only 5 minutes late. Not too bad eh? Then we went to a ward fellowship activity and we played volleyball with some non-members which was pretty sweet, we're starting to teach so many new people from that. Today we have a basketball activity for p-day where a bunch of the youth are bringing friends which will be a good experience, and whatever we can do to get them inside a building right?? I am kind of excited for that.

Other than that i have District Leader team-ups which should be interesting. This area is the only area where I have had my district leaders calling to ask me for advise. Yikes! I seem to have become the go to guy instead of vice-versa. Oh well, it is good. I like being able to help without having the responsibility. It was funny though, when he got rear-ended even the first person he called was me. haha That's getting sorted out now too. So I'm not expecting too much advise from them, but it will be fun to change it up for a day for sure.

Well I don't know what else to tell you guys about. I think life is good...

Have a gr8 week,
Luv ya,

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