Thursday, June 3, 2010

26 May 2010

So its been a good week. We are picking things up and teaching like crazy... I hope so so much that next weeks transfers dont bring any changes. I hope we both get to stay and keep up the good work.

Today was a tough pday morning. We needed two new tires on the car because when I went to buena vista they weren't taking care of the car and the pressure was too low so they wore quickly. I had everything arranged on Tuesday and we were supposed to have our tires changed balanced and aligned at 8am but they lied when they said they had the tires there and they were on backorder. A tiny bit annoying so we talked to them and they got a store in denver to race some tires that were a bit more spendy up here but still the same rating on them and we got those at the same price. Meanwhile we were stuck up there waiting until 10am for them to even start, but as soon as the tires got there we had the car up and getting worked on. Meanwhile we spent a while aimlessly walking around walmart since neither of us have any money.

I have been really pushing myself to get right out of bed at 630 and exercise. I have had so much more energy since then. It has been great. Also we are still working with all the people I told ya about, but we are starting to teach a couple of youth that came to a fellowshipping volleyball activity they have weekly out here. It is great to have a large teaching pool again. As far as Hayley goes ( the girl that was in Arizona) We'll have to teach some more. We found out the missionaries in Arizona were a bit less accountable we'll just say. They were spending every day for about two weeks over at this college girls house "teaching" her and with her member roommates there. They said they taught everything and were going to baptize her, but upon receipt of the teaching record we realized they didn't teach everything, and shes still not sure if she wants to be baptized. I called around to some of the youth and people returning from college and figured out who knows her so they can invite her to reinforce our invites and give her a reason to go, so we'll see what happens, I think we need to just lightly go over what they taught and see what she has questions about that we can teach over too. But I could see her getting baptized.

There are many other obsticles right now. One family we were teaching had their rental sold on them and were told to be out in 3 weeks, which is now two. Another man has cancer and is very sick. Deborah is dealing with a custody battle. Laina, the 17 year old is dealing with anti and other issues that she cant get over... And one guy we've been teaching we just haven't gotten a hold of. :(

Lately we have been all over the place too. We have a lot of the youth that just got out of school are driving us to visit less actives out in the boonies where we couldn't go on our mileage allotments. Its been fun and entirely worth it and they get to have somewhat of a missionary experience. That's always good.

I am pretty excited for Missionary money to hit, I need some things like shoe polish and other essentials I've just been waiting to get. That other money will be a good thing to have to fall back on too, thanks for filing for me.

The wards are getting fired up about missionary-work because they are seeing all the teaching going on. We are being fought over in the wards for who gets to house us... lol That is a new experience. I hope I get to stay here for at least 3 transfers... it is so amazing! I don't know what else to tell you guys. I hope all is well. I really hope that you guys are having a great time. I'm excited to see you guys soon. Way too soon it seems, but its good that its going fast. Next week will be 17 months! wow. Well I gotta go, but we'll talk soon.

Love ya,

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