Thursday, April 29, 2010

28 April 2010

So I'm still in the mountains... I'm in the Evergreen/Conifer Area and it is so beautiful here. We live with a family who the husband lost his job, but used to be a radio personality in Denver, he is such a funny guy. I got the same car as my last area, hahaha. My companion works hard and we're having fun. We have 2 on a baptismal date right now, one that told the Bishop that he wants to be baptized, and we just have to get over and teach and set a date (we were supposed to tonight, but it fell through), and we have a UBC/PM (unbaptized child in a part member family age 10) Who wants to be baptized, so in the next couple weeks we should have 4 on date.

You went to Ricky's wedding reception. I've heard about that from you guys and Adrianne. Suzie's younger sister is the girl I took to that last formal before I left and Suzie and Adrianne are actually the ones who picked me up for that New Year party when I was 18. Adrianne is getting married in December too. Its so awesome, they are both great girls, and it was fun to get to know them a bit. I do still keep in touch with Ricky's now sister-in-law.

So I thought the whole snow thing was over... We have awakened to a couple inches of snow most of the mornings here. I just want sunshine. It looks like we're getting a taste of that today. So we don't have a bike rack yet, so we're having to find rides, because 250 miles a week is just not enough for this area. We should be at Zone Conference the next week or so and already have the request in, so we should be getting a receiver hitch installed to put one of the fancy new bike racks on.

So a week from sunday is mothers day... What time is your church, when works best to call you guys? I still have to find a place to call from but I'm sure up here we can.

So tracting more often and being in an area with a larger concentration of people (which yes means multiple restaurants and Kroger Foods, Safeway, and a WalMart Supercenter). It's been great to be able to talk to people and help them out. Our teaching pool is quite large here, and covering two wards allows for a great opportunity to teach members, and dinner appointments every night (too bad I came here with no money still and had to buy food off of personal funds, but we should get more tomorrow or friday).

I am still in the same Zone, Surprize Surprize, my trainer is still my Zone Leader, and I still cant stand him at all. We are the only people in this district not at the Rockies game today, but that's ok. Miles are still a bit rough, and public transit would make us miss our appointments tonight, so we decided to go to the church and get some exercise instead of paying to watch other people do just that.

I don't know what else to tell you, its been a good week we're working hard and having fun!
I love you guys. Stay strong and be happy.

My New address is

Elder Thomas Stevenson
c/o Marshall Family
29812 Troutdale Scenic Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439

You all have a great week, talk to you soon, I've been working on a snail mail letter to go home but its a slow process. I got like 20 stamps left now though, so in the next few months I'll probably burn right through those. haha. I should have some extra money for that stuff since I have dinners now though, so no worries, so I'm gonna head out, but we'll talk soon.


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