Thursday, April 1, 2010

31 March 2010

So the lady we live with wants the missionaries there still and that's good,
because apparently missionaries will be here until winter again. Tracting is a bore right now, because we seem to have already talked to everyone, and they don't want to talk... also it is spring break this week, so people are all out of town. All the other areas had spring break last week, so we had some people in then. I am loving the sun, but we're supposed to get dumped on with snow on friday. YUCK!

Well first week in July we get a new mission president. It will be
interesting to see the changes made. I'm kind of worried he'll be more
strict than the one we have now, but I don't know if that's really possible.
The church told our mission president that he might have another church
assignment up for him when he goes home if he's up to it. His wife kind of
blurted it out, and I don't know if he was too happy she told us, but that
will be interesting to see too.

As far as food we have a lunch appointment today and a dinner appointment on
friday. It is a bit ridiculous I know, but the person over our dinner
calendar didn't even pass one around on Sunday. Oh well though, you just
gotta keep a smile on your face and keep working. We got asked why we were
at the supermarket by a member of the branch a few days back and not
working, I felt like saying something like because you guys don't feed us so
we ran out of food. I just said calmly that we needed some food for dinner,
and he kind of grunted and walked away. I swear people here are so weird. We
went to eat lunch on Monday at the church, and I was so mad! They left the
sacrament sitting there covered and trash all over the chapel. I cleaned up
the sacrament and then picked up the trash. From an attendance of 36 on
sunday I almost filled one of those small trash cans, its ridiculous. I am
going insane. And I'm wondering how they got the building they did, which
could easily seat over 100, but only seats an average of 30 a week. Oh well,
I'll be out of here soon enough, and then its another missionaries problem,
just hopefully its not like in Highlands Ranch where less than a week after
I left the missionaries got kicked out of the house they were living in and
the trust that had been built in that ward was destroyed. It was a shame to
talk to some of the members I worked with after I left.

So I'm just trying to keep my sanity. The potentials in the area book are a
joke, a couple of them I think were just put in there because some
missionary thought they were cute or felt sorry for them, but most of them
just want to argue. A couple of them don't even believe the writings of Paul
and denounce his apostleship, putting aside the biased opinions they have on
the Book of Mormon. It is interesting some of the indoctrination that goes
on in different churches, Highlands Ranch and here have some interesting
beliefs that the preacher said, so it must be true. I think of Paul telling
us to beware of ministers that teach any other gospel, and how they shall be
cursed, and that definitely is referring to these individuals.

Well I hope that all is well, and that you guys have a great week. Hopefully
John's car can get fixed quickly. At least there aren't a ton of accidents
due to snow and wildlife, I have seen some nasty looking cars at the body
shop the member that's taking us to lunch owns, so hopefully it will only
take a couple days. It still runs the same though right? Well I'm gonna go.
Talk to you soon.

Love ya,

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