Wednesday, April 21, 2010

21 April 2010

Hey y'all,
Yes I am being transferred and I'm going back to the Denver Metro area because I meet in Silverthorne at 330pm and will be catching the "transfer train" on the way back in. YAY I'm not too worried about packing today either since I have most my stuff packed and the rest of it I can do tomorrow.

Today is going to be a fun PDay. This morning we woke up and had a country style going-away breakfast with the lady we live with. Eggs, Potatoes, Bacon, Blueberry pancakes. Not exactly healthy, but it was nice. This evening we have a Steak and Potatoes dinner with a family (one of two dinners this week haha) and then we're going to watch a soccer game for a while that one of their kids is in. We do have to make the car totally spotless because it is being switched out so the Elders out here can put more miles on other cars. Its a 2010 and it already has 10500 miles on it. So they'll get a corolla, a Ford Fusion, or a Malibu out here. I'm glad I didn't have to drive a Corolla out here, that would have been a huge pain on some of these hills, they're not too good at that.

I hope that wherever I go I have more people to work with, that would be awesome. I have been so bored here. Oh, I wanted to get some fishing pictures, because we've done that a few times (don't worry I haven't bought a rod or reel, I just borrowed them) but the Pictures I have the only fish I caught was pretty small. I got some bigger ones before though. I like fishing, its fun, I want to do some of it when I come home.

So other than me being moved I can't think of anything to tell you. Space bags are amazing though, they make everything fit. hahaha Oh next week PDay is Wednesday again. Kinda weird, but this week both Tuesday and Wednesday are kind of PDays since I wont make it to my new area until after five too. I talked to some missionaries in the city and they're gonna call in the morning and let me know where I'm going and who I'm with after transfer meeting.

Well thanks for all you do. I couldn't do any of this without your support. I look forward to calling you in about a month. I hope then I'll have more to talk about. can you believe its almost been 15 months? A couple of blinks and we'll have a new mission president, this is his last full transfer, and I'll have been out for a year and a half.

I am so glad for the scriptures, they are such a strength in my life, I've read the whole Book of Mormon this transfer and it has really helped me out. Its amazing how some old dead guys stories are so relevant to today. It struck me how the Lamanites were raised by unbelieving fathers and mothers and that was their downfall. Look at today all the professing atheists and agnostics breeding ignorance and causing the degenerate generation we are a part of. Why is the world so bad. Why do we have a moron for President who in his first year put us over 12 trillion dollars further in debt, why are there so many thefts, rapes, murders, and sorrows? Well it's like in the Book of Mormon with those Lamanites, you reject God and the spirit is withdrawn. These evils and many others are caused manly by the withdrawing of the spirit and over time a loss of moral conscience. It is such a great thing to be able to have this history and to be able to learn from the mistakes of others. If only the whole world would know. But there I go with the whole "Oh if I were an angel..." speech.

God is real, I see enough miracles in my own life alone to know that only a fool wouldn't believe. Come on even the devils believe right? Jesus Christ sacrifice can help anyone it is limitless and real. No matter what someone has done they can be forgiven. It is not easy, it is not painless, but it is worth it. I love knowing that the organization of the church that Paul so clearly defines is actually on the earth and that we do have a prophet and he speaks. I am seriously thinking about getting the audio CDS from last conference, it was so good.

I don't know what else to tell you about, but you guys have a great day, and we'll talk soon, I'll try and get you my new address asap.

love ya,

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