Thursday, April 8, 2010

7 April 2010

So this week has been interesting. We got to see all of conference, they
finally set up a broadcast system so the members down here can watch.
Unfortunately the members cannot figure out how to work AV equipment even
with how simply the church wires it up. They simplicity is good, but the
sound quality isn't. I have never really liked the sound systems they have in
chapels, but that's OK. Anyways, I had to set everything up for conference
(oh goodness, including setting up the screen that we had to carry in it
took me less than 10 minutes to run a check and everything the day before
and set the sound levels). We were also asked to be there to greet people
every session. I know why missionary work has taken a nosedive here, its
because the members don't even want to go to church, I swear half of them say
they don't have TV and then they don't show up to conference. The saturday
morning session (great by the way all about building a family) it was us and
2 others, the father and son of the family we live with. Afternoon session,
just us. Priesthood 6 brothers including us and Thomas. Sunday morning same
as saturday morning plus one couple. Sunday Afternoon... JUST US.

You asked if I am comfortable living where we are. I am the most comfortable
there out of any house I've lived in on my mission. My companion doesn't want
to work very much at all anymore though and that's always frustrating. 2
weeks and I should be in a new place though. I can survive, but I'm not
gonna try and force anything, because that hasn't worked very well on my

As far as easter, the one couple that showed up to conference that morning
invited us over for lunch and we had chicken quesadillas. That was the last
meal appointment I've had and before that the last one was on last
wednesday. Good news though, I'm just over 185 lbs. haha It gets rough
though when you have to pay for 95 percent of your food, and food is
expensive up here, and we only are given 139 a month for everything.

Other than that I'm doing well and feeling healthy. I got some oranges the
last couple weeks, and I love that, they aren't too expensive here, but I did
have to give in and get some nectarines, you gotta treat yourself sometimes
right, but those are two dollars a pound. Other than that its funny how the
mission president told me to start working in the outlying areas, but we
only have 250 miles a week. With our area there is a lot more needed. That
is enough to go into town work around there and go back and maybe take a 15
mile trip to another town. But we cover about 60 miles from top to bottom
and in the widest part 35 miles east to west. Then we are asked to go to
district and zone meetings with only half reimbursments, so those weeks we
cant do much. This is one of those weeks. I cant wait to get back into the
city where members can give you rides when you go over on miles, where you
get meal appointments, where you don't talk to the same people 4 times.

We have been getting a lot of cold and wind, and most nights about 2 inches
of snow, but the sun usually shines through even if its ten degrees and it
melts off pretty quickly. And most of the day we get flurries on and off
that don't stick to anything but you. I am so sick of the cold, I hate it and
I plan on living in a place like I grew up in.

Well since conference I've done a lot of reading and reflecting and praying.
That always helps out a lot, and I know I'll get through. I so happy to know
that Jesus Christ was resurrected and that he loves us and he is there for
us. It is a beautiful thing.

There's not much to report on since all we do is tract and that is
ineffective, and the members do not work with us at all anymore. I miss
Lakewood so so much!!!

So how are things back home? Pretty sunny and green? I saw some pictures the
other day and oh my goodness it is beautiful out there! Is Johns car getting
fixed? Tell me how the trip to Utah is... Is Chris baptizing Brenden? Tell
everyone I say hi. I love you all.

Well, I may write you a letter this week on paper. Hopefully it can sound
more positive, but we'll talk to you soon. Hope you all have a great week.

Love ya,

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