Wednesday, March 24, 2010

24 March 2010

Hey, How are you guys?

Yeah I got the package, thanks so much. It was exciting, and the train was a surprise, but I liked that too.

Its been a hectic week. The members we live with are getting divorced, so its just her and us in the house now. Shes an older lady so we're allowed to stay there still, but its sad. The guy would be very hard to live with though. She prayed about it and the stake president did when she told him and they both received the answer that she needs to move on and put him in the Lords hands and hope it will work out. There's a lot to it more than I ever would want to know. it's always sad to see, but once its over I think she'll be a lot happier. When she served him with the paperwork he moved to the cabin, took all his guns out of the house and he went and bought his own PO Box, so he was pretty quick to agree. We do have a PO Box key now tho, and it is still box 1622 for us.

Yesterday was zone conference. We got there at around 8 for interviews with president, and during the interview he said, now elders i am going to excuse you at 1230 so you can beat the storm. I'm thinking not again more snow. We drove back to our area at 1230 after grabbing a few things at a wal mart in the city. lol And on the highway most of it was clear, but out of nowhere on the passes you'd have a 5 mile stretch where it was dumping snow so hard that you could barely see. It wasn't snowing when we got back, but bc of the roads we didn't get back until 330. We ate dinner and made a few visits, and then at around 7 it was coming down so bad we went home because we didn't wanna get stuck in town. We got 14 inches last night, and the guy we have lunch appointments with on wednesday got 18 and he high-centered his suburban and his driveway. He's waiting for a tow truck to pull him out. hahah. It looks like its lightly snowing again.

Other than that we have just been trying to visit less actives and stuff and do tracting in more places outside of town. I was kind of disturbed at interviews, because the mission president plans on leaving the area open until winter straight now. Which will happen no matter what because we get a new mission president on July 2 I think and he'll just read the note. Things are so slow here right now. Hopefully all the hikers and rafters will pick things up in the summer. But I'm hoping I'm gone after this transfer. I love the area, but I've had enough.

Hey thanks for getting those retainers done. I think my teeth have shifted a bit, but not too bad, so hopefully they'll correct that. Thanks for the subway card too. I'll have to get there in the next few days while everything's a 5 dollar footlong still so I can get a chicken bacon ranch for 5. Those are the best. John got a new car? That's awesome. I wish I could just keep the car I've been driving forever. hahaha

I don't know what to tell you, other than that my life has been pretty boring. I want to see green outside, I miss CA in this time of year. I hate snow! Oh well though. I think that's about it. :)

Love ya,

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