Sunday, October 17, 2010

13 October 2010

Hey guys,

I saw the doc today. She told me that I basically have to relax and do nothing until the headaches go away completely. She told me I might not be getting the staples out on monday and we'll probably have a couple appointments next week. I cancelled our dinners for today and tomorrow so I can just relax and let myself heal.

I told dad about the new focus where we don't report tracting hours anymore. We report results instead of time spent. I ain't gonna be reporting much of either for a while tho. hahaha

Well it is good I have a sane companion. I could not tolerate being stuck inside chillin with the last guy. We had our first dusting of snow yesterday. By the way... Gary Mitchell's daughter was so cute when it happened. I was waiting to find where we were going with me and this cute little girl (see attached picture with Mitchells and my weird comp) came up and said, "Its going to be ok. Don't worry! You're still a great missionary even if you're crying." It was a sweet moment of peace that could only come from the simple heart of a child. She insisted on going to the hospital with me and was just so sweet, and then she threatened my comp and told him if anything else happens to me he's in big big trouble. hahaha

I am being careful and watching it. I thank everyone who is praying for me and keeping me in their thoughts. I love you all and I hope that everything is going ok with y'all. I will keep ya updated, but I g2g now... I'm done looking at the screen.

Love ya,

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