Sunday, February 15, 2009

12 Feb 2009

We have a ridiculous P-day schedule! We only get two Pdays in the MTC. We went over a week before we got one! So I got to go to the temple this morning, but we missed our session and went to a later one, because they gave an elder in our district two pairs of pants with a broken zipper. I wrote you a couple of letters snail mail... Idk if you received them. But I have been having a good time overall. Been learning a lot, but I've been discouraged a bit. If you respond, just do because I'd like to see it. Yesterday was a real downer of a day... I got way discouraged, until the night time. At night we taught a lesson and were taught the plan of salvation, and i dont know about my companion, but that and the spirit we felt from it really lifted me up. I cant wait to get out and teach people and start to make a difference in peoples lives instead of sitting in stupid classes all day long. Honestly it becomes kind of redundant. I'll survive. I like it overall, some teachers are better than others. The hardest thing is waking up at 630 and being to class at 7... Its almost impossible, but that is what the Lord expects of me. Mom I love you all so much, I miss having dinner with all of you. I really have enjoyed the presence of my companions in my District though, honestly we got a pretty cool crew. So whats new? Dad got the job? hehe Well I didnt see John at the temple, I was kind of bummed. It still freaks me out how the MTC president just walked up to me, said hi, shook my hand, stared into my eyes, said I had a good spirit about me and walked off. I dont know if I told you about it, but he was just walking by us one day, and it was quite interesting. How's Christy feeling is doing better?? Is school going great? Well my laundry is clean so I'm going to head out. By the way with the missionary discount I could get you a normal sized quad for 33dollars... but anyways, I dont know how id get it to you? we'll talk to you later, have a good night.

Love ya,

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