Friday, February 27, 2009

15 February 2009

Hola Mi Madre & Papa,
How are you? I got all your DearElder letters, did you get my snail mail letters?? Life is great, I'm in the choir & I love it. I am saying the prayer in the MTC fireside tonight also. Friday was amazing. First of all we had a teaching appointment where they recorded us teaching volunteers the lesson in a mock living room. We got two gorgeous girls from BYU, so it made it harder! hehe We did very well, except for the fact that my companion screwed up the Joseph Smith story, but I took over. A fun thing was our teacher forgot to turn off the camera, so we got to hear what they said about us. They said they were hooked the whole time, loved our analogies, and how we worked with them. They said they felt bad for Elder Bernet, and then they said, we were so cute! haha But we got unbiased feedback in which we told they felt the Spirit, and loved how we taught. We then had dinner and went to take and make phone calls. I got an awesome call where I spent just shy of half an hour on the phone, because I told the Joseph Smith story & she broke down. She said she's been feeling that in her heart. It was interesting.
Today was amazing! We had the best priesthood meeting ever, and in it we talked about how faith and obedience connect, how hope and sacrifice connect, how the law of the gospel (service) yields charity, and how love and charity connect.
In sacrament we had Sister Cheryl Lant talk to us, because she and her husband are filling in for President Madsen in our branch while he's in Nepal. She talked about involving children in teaching, funny thing for a Primary General President to talk about. She also talked about how she still feels inadequate. And I will pray at the fireside too. I have to go.
Love ya,
Elder Stevenson
This refers to the field where the missionaries play soccer, etc. The mission field is still open.

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