Sunday, March 1, 2009

22 February 2009

I love you mom and dad & Christy,
By the way, thank Eliza for the package. I can't find her address anywhere. Here's some pictures, we get a 40% discount on developing, so I just picked some to send you. I'm so tired, but I'm kind of excited to leave. I'm gonna miss these people! I love my district. . . Maybe I can sneak a call to you from the Salt Lake Airport on Wednesday, but it'll be early. Probably like 7am your time. [He did call.]
I'm at the Sunday Fireside right now. It's really hot & I'm tired, so I figured I'd write to stay awake. So I'm excited to leave and actually talk to people about the gospel. I want to know if Dad got the job. . . Do ya know? We have Brother Stephen Allen, head of missionary dept. speaking ot us. He is so funny! I love it. He's over advertising for the Church too, so we watched a lot of MormonAds.
Elder Ballard challenged us to be enthusiastic & driven & thank our families for him, and I want to challenge you to be a bit more enthusiastic about the gospel too. I'm watching the Joseph Smith Story from the visitors centers, so I'm gonna let you go. Adieu (Jacob, hehe).

Love ya,
Elder Stevenson

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