Saturday, March 14, 2009

13 March 2009, Part 2

I love you. I did get your letter, thanks. The bird is a Less-Active members, and I dont know if it's a boy or girl. I'm so excited for dad. That will be awesome. Well I've been having fun aside from not getting a Pday due to circumstances beyond my control. Its humbling to realize that we are nothing without the Lord and our nice things don't mean anything. They can be taken away in an instant. I just hope that we can be as effective as possible given the circumstances. I have to ride a bike with a 23" frame until we get this mess sorted out, it slows me down a bit, but I'm trying. I had a 19.5" and it was perfect. I was so enraged, so angry, so down that day. I wanted to call you and just cry, but I said a prayer and I just felt calm... everything is going to be ok. We are blessed to have so many investigators, and this is supposed to be a hard area. I really have been enjoying teaching, but tracting is kind of hard, because half of the church out here preach anti-mormon. I guess there will be struggles anywhere you go. I know the church to be true and the gospel has bless our lives, but it's amazing to see that light come into others lives. Javier, one of our investigators, is an amazing guy. We went there yesterday to teach a first lesson and ended up teaching a second (the plan of salvation) we both felt like thats what he needed. He asked some questions and when we got to the end, he said, I know this is right, I feel it in my heart. We asked him to be baptized and he accepted, and when his wife got home we found out that it was his birthday, and he told us we gave him the best present he could ever have, and that we were always welcome at his home. Hopefully his wife will listen too. I miss you guys. i pray for you every night. Please pray for me, this week has been tough. I know I can make it, but It is just hard to go through that.

I love you guys,

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  1. We are so sorry about your bike. We do pray for you everyday and hope things will go better. You are doing good on baptisms. We love you.