Wednesday, March 18, 2009

18 March 2009


The bike situation is resolved! The Sherriff is still investigating some suspects, but we got new bikes. There is a member out here who is like the CEO of Sports Authority and he got us a discount at cost to the company+10% and gave us $500 worth of gift cards. So we got $1000+ worth of bike equipment for $128 total between the two of us. We got diamondback bikes that are hybrids between road bikes and mountain bikes, and they tuned them up all nice for us this morning. We are going to get him a thank you card after we finish emails, and we wear suits all the time (until it gets to be 75 degrees outside), and my Dr Scholls shoes are trashed, so we're either going to Ross or Kohls to get me some shoes too. I love the members out here, they take such good care of us! And surprise surprise, theyre like always willing to go with to lessons. I got altitude sickness all day yesterday! :( Let me tell you, thats no fun. We had to cancel an appointment with Javier, but he was cool with it and just said, then come on thursday at the same time... So we'll visit him tomorrow. I love you guys! On monday we had for dinner a roast with fried potatoes and it made me think of home and you guys. I was supposed to have corned beef and cabbage with the ward mission leader and I was sick, so it didnt seem like a good idea. So do you remember when I went to the Mormon Prom and the guy from Hesperia came as the date of Rebecca and Samantha's friend, and she left in the middle of the dance. Well the guy that was left alone is my Zone Leader. So weird! Elder Chaffee came home the transfer I got here for medical reasons, in case you hadnt heard. I hope all is well at home, and yikes someone broke into the office?? There have been crime surges up here. The new thing is there's these people who drive around, knock and ring and pound on doors, and if someone answers they act like theyre selling something, and if not they brake in through the back and raid the house. People are getting desperate for money since theyre losing jobs! its sad. Well I have to write a letter to the president, but I'll be on for a while if you write back.

Love ya,

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