Saturday, March 14, 2009

4 March 2009

Dear Family,
I love ya! I miss ya . . . So it's 4pm, P-Day is almost over, but dinner fell through, so I got a while. I had to end my e-mail kind of abruptly. I don't remember even what I wrote. I sent you a picture of my new bike, a bird on my shoulder. So right now we're teaching the 9 year old son of a recent convert, and hoping we can teach his dad soon.
We have a lady who her husband left and she's just crushed, but she calls us "the Mormon angels." We also have a single mom and her kids investigating. We're having a member drive and teach with us. We got a lot of miracles coming out of nowhere, so hopefully we don't need to tract a million hours a week anymore.
This is a fairly rich area . . . very nice homes. So I really miss sleeping! haha My bed is a lot nicer than in the MTC at least! I was sleeping on a brick there. Almost all of our P-Day was spent on shopping, just because so many people talked to us.
Colorado has the most beautiful clear skies, and cleanest air I've ever been in. I love it for that. But there will be days when it snows in the morning, gets sunny and melts the snow then it's back to 29 at sundown. So how are things at home? I'm hearing you've been dumped on by rain.
We're living with a couple in their 50's (well I lied, she's in her 40's) in their basement. They're awesome. He drove us to the bike shops last week to look with me, and after I got one, he took us out to lunch.
I don't know where all the money goes though. He said we're not supposed to know, but anyways, he only gets $75/ month to house us, and we only get $139 on our cards. Oh well though. Last night we had roast, cooked carrots & mashed potatoes. It made me think of home so much.
I learned that you change grocery habits when you have to haul it all in your backpack, and we have up & down hills everywhere we go.
So Brother Drake's ordering fajitas for us because we don't have a dinner appointment. I ended up spending about a little bit over $500 on that bike with ultra-bright lights they installed and a nice helmet. I gotta figure out how to get it home afterwards though. I'm taking it for another service (tune-up) just because they give lifetime service on their bikes so I'm going on Wednesday.
I miss my bed! Oh well, I've been so tired here anyways. I'm out like two seconds after I lay down. I finally cut my hair on Monday night. I look and feel so much better. Thanks for the trimmer Mom, I did 6, 4, 3 layers.
So how has life been without me? Is the house like quiet or something.
So my bike light is like 10x brighter than my companion's. It floods out his light, and light in front of both of us sometimes. I let him lead on. He worked for a newspaper, so he can read maps better than I. I have to slow back sometimes, but it's cool. I think the air out here has been good for me! It's way fresh. I've been clearing up, and my asthma ain't as bad as it's been. Provo was the worst! I could taste the smog in Provo.
Momma I want a big hug. :( In two years you're getting a super big hug! You guys take care of yourselves. I love you all so much, you're the best! Tell Cathy I'm sorry I was planning on e-mail, and didn't have time to. :( But I love you all, and you can read her the letter if you want.
Love ya,
Elder Tom

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