Friday, February 20, 2009

19 Feb 2009

Dear family!,

I love you all so much! How is life? I'm just hanging out... lol. So no one really has responded to any of the letters I sent snail mail, but I did receive every letter you sent through dear elder. I don't know if you got like any of the four letters I've sent you, but our branch president is in Nepal helping rewrite the constitution on assignment from the first presidency, so President and Sister Lant (Primary General President) are in our branch for now! So we got to hear from her on Sunday, and Elder Ballard on Tuesday night. On the Sunday night devotional I said the opening prayer. I have been studying the lessons, and doing well, but I await Wednesday when I get a new companion! Hehe. We both have very strong personalities, so its been a struggle for both of us. Today I went to the temple again and could not see John. :( So what's going on with dad's dental school position? You finished up cleaning up my room!... hehe I tried to make it easy for you. I really want to get back into the outside world mom! OH and I found out we have to pay our own luggage when we fly next week, but I'm set... I checked my balance at the ATM here and my tax return came. I really love the gospel mom. Thanks for being a supportive loving family and doing all that you have for us. The MTC is way fun, but becomes tough at times, we have class all day and gym 3x a week and sometimes we get to teach and take calls from the pass-along cards. It is fun to teach the volunteers the lessons. Our last one we had two really cute girls from BYU though, so it was kind of distracting, but our teacher accidentally left the camera on when we left the room, and they were giving nothing but praise. They said we were master teachers, with great analogies, and they were hooked the whole time, they also bagged on Elder Bernet who screwed up the First Vision and I took over and fixed it, and oh... That Elder Stevenson is way cute... haha. So I just cant wait to get out and teach and be a missionary, because sitting in class all day long sometimes feels like prison. I miss and love you. I'm going to go, but forward this to family members if you'd like, and tell everyone I love them, if you write back, write through dearelder and I'll get it at the next meal. Hope you have a great week, and I'll try and call you from the airport on Wednesday morning.



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