Sunday, April 5, 2009

1 April 2009

Its been a rough week. We had a blizzard going all day on thursday, so we walked all over with the snow pelting us in the eyes, we got about 14" at the house that day, and it was almost melted on Sunday and then we got a good 6" on Monday, and its supposed to snow again today. Boots are AMAZING! lol Javier is in Montana for now :(, but his wife and kids are at home, we walked and shoveled their driveway on Monday. Transfers are next week, and I might be getting moved. :( President wants our numbers higher, and none of our investigators seem to ever open the door or answer the phone. There is one lady we talked to yesterday, shes leaving on vacation with her family, but told us to come by the day after she gets home. She went from telling us we're going to hell and we're evil and all that to feeling the spirit and I think she might be baptized. We have a baptism between conference sessions on Saturday at 12:30. And we will be setting a baptismal date on Friday for a recent converts son. Things are falling in line now, but the last two weeks we seemed to just be aimlessly travelling, because no one would answer. We got rebuked by president and told to teach 12 lessons last week, because we had a bit, or a lot, less. We worked as hard as we could and only got 7. Anyways... you might want to have correspondance to the office until I find out if I'm leaving next Tuesday:
2001 E. Easter Ave Ste 303
Centennial, CO 80122

I really hope we can find people to teach. We have a ton of tracting time lately, because we cannot get appointments, or even drop by visits to follow through. I guess the best we can do is pray, and hope for better. We got to go to the 5:30am session at the temple again, and this time we had breakfast at the temple, I still think the concept of food in the temple is kind of weird, but oh well. We normally email a bit later, but we wanted to shop and email before the storm hits this afternoon. We talked to the bike lock company, and they apologized and they sent us two high security Ulocks with $1500 insurance on each. So we got $90 worth of locks for free. I still have to file with the company to activate the insurance, and I have to call Sports Authority and activate the service plan on my bike. We have members that feed us most of the time, and way too much, and when we dont have dinners the members we live with take care of us. We dont have a dinner tonight, but thats kind of nice, because it makes P-Day longer. I am so tired. They are having a party for the Presidents birthday today, but we cannot find a ride, so we cant go... :( A cool experience: we got into an inactive family's home on Saturday, and they gave us some cocoa, and we just talked and shared a scripture, and guess who came to church, they hadn't in like 6 months. That was way exciting. Well I cant wait until it gets hot again! I hate biking home in 10 degree weather with a wind chill of 3... It was 70s a couple weeks back, what the heck? Well anyways, I gotta go and write my letter to the president. Talk with you soon.

Love ya,

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