Saturday, April 25, 2009

22 April 2009

Mom, Dad, I'm going nuts!
The snow melts way quick here, its already all gone. We are allowed to wear slacks now! yay. But yesterday we had a Zone Conference and then I went on exchanges with the zone leaders, so I went to their area and one of them rode my bike. I am so angry, because I already patched two holes and its still leaking air, so I have to go to a bike shop, because tubes that are 28x1 5/8 are not standard. I have concluded that no one is borrowing my bike again. He rode three-quarters of a mile and he must have run over a razor blade to get a gash like that. And we have no transportation until I get a tube. A mission is stressful... I hate those days.
We have had some good days though. We have been visiting with Kenin, the guy who we tracted into his wife. He still reads the Book of Mormon ever night and is excited about how family focused the book is. He is going through some hard times because he has a son with downsyndrome in Texas with his Ex-wife, who his ex-wife cannot handle, so he is planning on going to pick him up on Thursday now. We ran into him one night and he was crying and down and out, and we prayed with him, and then on Sunday we were actually going to visit someone else, and we were biking through the trails to the park and going to lock our bikes there and he was parked in the parking lot, we talked to him and prayed with him again, and we were told that we're angels and the answer to his prayers. So I have concluded that I like normal days way better than P-days... P-days kill me, because you barely have time to get things done and then you want to do fun things too, and sometimes its hard. Next week we might be going to a Rockies, Padres game for Pday though, that would actually be exciting.
I miss home! I miss the security of being able to leave and cool off, or talk to people about things, it just makes life so much easier. Oh well... I hope you guys have a great week, congrats to Eliza and John, I love you all, and take care of yourselves... talk to you soon.

Love TOM

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