Sunday, April 26, 2009

17 April 2009

Mom & Dad & Everyone,
Thanks for the letter, and definately thanks for the Subway card! Mom, I love you & everyone else too! Congrats on Eliza's mission call, I'm excited for her.
Oh goodness. I wish it would stop snowing. We got over a foot today & had thunder-snow. I have a cold that I'm trying to get over, but I went to Walgreens & got medicine, so hopefully that helps.
So yesterday I gained a stronger testimony of the Word of Wisdom. We got a call from the Bishop on our way home from District Mtg. & had our member friend who was driving us take us there. It was sad, a member has been having a hard time with unemployment & we had to help him to their car to go to rehab because he drank so much the night before he couldn't stand on his own. It was so hard to see the shame in his eyes, he has such a deep respect for missionaries. But you could also tell he trusted us 100% as we supported and guided him to the truck so he could be driven to rehab. I almost cried when we were helping him & he just pulled me close & hugged me, because he had that trust to me. It's so hard to see good people fall! He's a great guy. I hope the rehab program works!
Everything I do & see testifies to me that the gospel is true, and that knowledge & faith is what gets me through the tough days. Can you believe I've been on a mission for 10 weeks. That's as much as a full term at school.
Well I can't wait to hear all your voices in a month. That's gonna be awesome! We're probably using the Sinquefield's phone to call you that evening. I love them, they take such good care of us. She brought us chowder in the storm tonight because we didn't have a dinner appointment. Well, I'll talk to you guys on Wednesday again! I love ya tons. Take care of yourselves.
Love ya,
Your son,
Tom (Elder Stevenson)

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