Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10 June 2009

Dang... I feel stupid. It deleted my email last week, and now I came early because were going hiking today. I should be on sometime this week at a members though so I can print out my line of authority. So I don't like Colorado anymore because it rains too much here! haha And it doesn't get hot enough, its Summer, and yet I think the highest temperature has been 80. I guess I'm just a California boy... nothing better right! lol So what's new there? How are Aunt Kathy and Grandma doing? I was worried about them. give me updates.
So we have a baptism on Sunday, isn't that exciting? She's 13 year old girl with a lot of LDS friends, and her parents support her in her decision, although the dad wants nothing to do with it, but we already have their signitures. The dad won't listen to anything, the mom sits in and buys us food everytime it seems like! The mom will be at the baptism, but the dad won't. And we already had the bishop talk to the family about the commitment of seminary and youth programs, and the family is supportive. So it should be good. We have about 4 other people that are soo so close, that we basically need to resolve a few concerns and set a date. It's so awesome. I have loved the past few weeks, they have flown by! It helps when you have a companion you like that you aren't fighting 24/7. haha
So are they giving a decent quote for the office, and are you guys still thinking about Rancho Cucamonga area or are you staying San Berdoo or whats the deal? It's so funny, because probably 80% of the people we talk to know that area way well, and its funny to see all the in-n-out stickers on the cars out here in a state that doesn't even have it. Well I guess we have the wannabe in-n-out at least in Highlands Ranch, but Five Guys doesn't measure up at all.
So I just spent a good 40 bucks on my stupid bike again, I had to get my wheel trued and get new brake pads (When I replaced the front ones, I could see I had worn off all the rubber). If I had the bike mechanics put the pads on it would've been a 65 dollar trip, I thought that was ridiculous, so I just did it in front of the store. I want to be in a car area. They're starting to get Pontiac Vibes and Ford Fusions with AWD for the missionaries here.
We gotta get going though. Our investigators will be at our house in 20 to take us hiking.

Love ya guys,
Elder Tom

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  1. Hey, remember me? Just wanted to say hello and I hope all is well. Wall-E was on and I turned it on and started watching it and thought of you :) Began wondering how you are doing. Miss you Thomas and talk to you later.